The “Banksy Exhibition” which has mesmerized over 300 million people worldwide finally hits Tokyo! This special exhibition which celebrates the roots of Banksy is here!

“BANKSY~GENIUS OR VANDAL?”, the exhibition that has caught the attention of over 300 million people in Moscow, Madrid, Hong Jong, New York and L.A. since 2018, is finally landing in Japan. Banksy Exhibition: Genius or Vandal will be held from December 12, 2021 (Sun) to March 8, 2022 (Tue) at WITH HARAJUKU, located in front…


Motenas Japan: Delivering the Ultimate in Traditional Japanese Cultural Experiences

The spirit of hospitality at the heart of Motenas Japan is to deliver a traditional cultural experience that goes beyond the usual. Motenas Japan offers overseas visitors the opportunity to experience the very best of Japan, leveraging the country’s tangible and intangible assets, which provide an unparalleled level of security, safety, cleanliness, courtesy, and taste…