The Grand Opening of Otemachi Place on 25th September 2018

Based on the concept of Ote-Match Community, a place where people make new connections and where new ideas are born, Otemachi Place, located in Otemachi and the surrounding area – the hub of businessmen and visitors – opened on the 25th of September 2018.
The Green Promenade, which starts from Otemachi and leads up to the Kanda area, is lined with restaurants and serves as a circulation area. Gathered from the basement floor of the low-rise building to the second floor of the twin office towers are 26 stores (19 restaurants, 2 goods shops and 5 service stores).

Sunken Garden

Otemachi Place






B1F Sunken Garden

The Sunken Garden is located on the ground floor, a lush, green and spacious area, it serves as the oasis of Otemachi Place. Lined along this cosy area are restaurants that can satisfy even the most particular of customers. These include ‘RRR OTEMACHI’ , a place with a specialty selection of various wines and steaks, ‘Calahorra’, a Spanish cuisine restaurant and a new sister company to the popular restaurant ‘Givet’ which is located in Kita-Shinagawa. Finally , ‘Grand Comptoir’, a French Bar characterised by it’s massive counter.


RRR has two stores located in Roppongi, it is a place where you can enjoy the wagyu beef and premium wine at a reasonable price. This is the first store located in a commercial facility. From the main dining room, you can view the immersive open kitchen, the wide glass windows brighten up the store with natural light. The open terrace seats face the Sunken Garden, it is a very open space.

From lunch to dinner, only the bar attached to the entrance is available. As it also contains a private room, it is perfect for entertaining loved ones and guests.
There are over 6 kinds of Kobe beef available, including cured Japanese black and Wagyu beef bone tomahawk.

The menu exclusive only to RRR Otemachi is the impressive 2kg, Akagi beef Tomahawk steak.

RRR Otemachi recommends the Kobe beef sushi and French caviar and raw sea urchin. All with a rich wine list to accompany the meal.

RRR Otemachi

RRR Otemachi








Grand Comptoir






1F Green Promenade

On the west entrance of the first floor, the face of the facility, along with the Green Promenade and Lady Blue is CITRON, a restaurant that serves authentic Parisian salads and quiche. Sakura Shokudo serves organic set meals and Pongala Curry is a place that utilizes spices from Sri Lanka.
These restaurants are available for everyday use and takeout.

Green Promenade

Lady Blue







2F Restaurants

The second floor contains ‘Otemachi Kikyo’, a place that draws out the best of seasonal ingredients to bring out the best in Japanese cuisine, all in a calming and relaxing environment, perfect for dining with loved ones.

Otemachi Asada

The third store in a long history of Asada restaurants, the roots begin from 1659. The first store is located in Akasaka, ‘Asadaya Ihei’. Otemachi Asada is the fifth store after Aoyama, Nagoya and Nihonbashi and offers the best in Kaga cuisine, a style that combines the old with the new to create a fusion of modern dining with a traditional flare.
Asada’s Kaga cuisine utilises local ingredients. Fresh seafood such as crab and red shrimp hail from the Kanazawa harbour, vegetables and buckwheat are cultivated in fields specially contracted, everything comes from the Ishikawa Prefecture, right down to the water.

The store contains three private rooms with a sunken kotatsu that can entertain anywhere between 2 to 14 people at one time. There is also one private room with a table available that holds 2 to 4 people. It is perfect for dining with family, work colleagues or just for leisure.

The lunch course contains five-tiered bento boxes and Kaga courses whereas dinner courses contain 3 kinds of Kaga courses and steak courses.

Otemachi Asada

Otemachi Asada








Otemachi Kikyo

Otemachi Kikyo offers a range of Japanese food that makes full use of seasonal ingredients. Kikyo served seasonal food in many different ways; such as sashimi, steamed dishes, sukiyaki, roasted, teppenyaki and many others. Kikyo’s recommendation course are “TOKI” and “HIBIKI”, also they offers four kinds of course menus ideal for business meetings and gatherings. Also a variety kinds of à la carte dishes are available such as tapas and earthware cooked rice which goes well with sake, customers are invited to enjoy the flavours of the seasons with various recipes such as sashimi, steamed dishes, sukiyaki and teppenyaki. These 4 à la carte dishes are accompanied with a selection of alcoholic sake and earthenware cooked rice.

The sake is also, like the food, tailored to suit the season. The store manager himself visits the sake brewery to personally select the sake offered in the store. The inside of the store utilizes stone and wood to create a natural feeling, a warm and calming environment.

Perfect for all occasions, watch the workings of the kitchen from the counter seats, taste the deep taste of charcoal grilling or teppenyaki and use the private rooms, perfect for entertaining important guests.

Otemachi Kikyo

Otemachi Kikyo






Otemachi Place
2-3-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
1 minute walk from Tokyo metro Otemachi station A5 exit
7 minute walk from JR Tokyo station Marunouchi North Exit