[International exchange camp] Friendship Program 2024 Summer Camp in Minami-Sanriku

Why not live together with friends with a wide variety of perspectives (such as nationality, age, gender, and values), and through experience programs (various genres and interests), while interacting with nature, deepening your understanding of local and international exchange and the U.N. sustainable development goals and create a place where you can cultivate each other’s sociability, independence and humanity. The activities and experience programs with friends who share the same goals will be invaluable experiences that will be engraved in your mind and will surely be a source of growth.

Human, Forest, Village and Ocean. The town where the life revolves around

The setting for the first program is Minami-Sanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture.

In Minami-Sanriku Town, which is rich in nature, you can learn about living creatures, natural cycles, and how to protect and utilize the natural environment through marine activities and various experiences. Minami-Sanriku allows you to experience fishing as a core industry and the sea as a resource (industry and leisure), so you can experience marine resources that are the foundation of life, not the sea you see while living in an urban area, and through each program you can feel that this is not just about the coastal areas in rural areas, but is directly connected to life in urban areas as well.

The Friendship Program offer lessons unique to disaster-stricken areas, such as interacting with people who have achieved industrial recovery despite the great damage caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake, protecting your own life and the lives of your family from future natural disasters, and realizing that the everyday life you take for granted is not something to be taken for granted.

This is a 5-day, 4-night program with plenty to experiences, including setting up tents, cooking dinner, and a campfire on the first day, making salt using seawater, and marine activities such as sea kayaking and SUP on the second day, learning about the earthquake and its recovery, and experiencing the traditional kiriko culture of Tohoku on the third day, fossil excavation, indigo dyeing, and a locally produced BBQ on the fourth day, and making spoons and forks using cedar branches on the final day. The application deadline is Monday, July 15, 2024. Why not have an amazing unforgettable summer with wonderful friends?

Friendship Program 2024 Summer Travel Schedule

Monday, August 19

JR Sendai Station East Exit Bus Stop (Meet at 11:00)
Kamiwarizaki Campsite (Lunch and orientation at 12:40)

  • Self-introduction through nature games
  • Tent setup, fire making, cooking diner (curry using local ingredients)
  • Campfire

(Accommodation: Kamiwarizaki Campsite)






Tuesday, August 20

Kamiwarizaki Campsite (8:00 Outdoor Experience)

  • Making breakfast (hot sandwiches using milk cartons)

Minami-Sanriku Ocean Visitor Center

  • Beach clean-up, briefing about marine litter
  • Salt making experience

(12:00 Lunch, lunch box)

  • Marine activities to enjoy the views of the ria coast (Choose from sea kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding)

Minami-Sanriku Portal Center (16:30 Meeting with farmers)

(Accommodation: farm stay)

Wednesday, August 21

Minami-Sanriku Portal Center (10:00 Farm Stay Farewell Ceremony)

  • Minami-Sanriku 311 Memorial (11:00 Program)

(12:30 Lunch, lunch box)


  • Traditional Tohoku craft “Kiriko making” experience (13:30)

→ Move to Minami-Sanriku Manabinosato Iriyado

(Accommodation: Minami-Sanriku Manabinosato Iriyado)

Thursday, August 22

Minami-Sanriku Manabinosato Iriyado (departure: 9:30)

  • Fossil excavation experience (11:30 Lunch, lunch box)
  • Indigo dyeing experience (ends: 15:00)
  • BBQ Party (17:00 on the Iriyado premises) A luxurious BBQ using local ingredients!

(Accommodation: Minami-Sanriku Manabinosato Iriyado)






Friday, August 23

Minami-Sanriku Manabinosato Iriyado (Departure 9:30)

  • Minami-Sanriku YES Workshop (10:00 Crafts making experience)
  • Review session (11:00 Iriyado)
  • Stop by Minami-Sanriku Sansan Shopping Street (lunch: free time)

→ Depart Minami-Sanriku Town (Depart 13:40)

Arrive in Sendai (Scheduled arrival 15:00)






Message from Kazuto Oikawa, the general secretary of Minami-Sanriku Town Tourism Association

The Minami-Sanriku Town is a port town in northeastern Miyagi Prefecture with a population of about 11,000 people, where aquaculture is the main industry.

It was devastated by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami, but thanks to support from all over Japan and the world, it has been able to recover.

During the recovery process, we have been working toward the realization of a sustainable society with the motto of “A Town Where Life Circulates.”

Minami-Sanriku Town offers programs with the theme of “Learning in the fun, the future in the experience, conveying the threats, blessings, and wonders of nature, and nurturing the ability to live with nature.”

Let’s have a wonderful time together to get some hints for thinking about the future for all.

Tour information and How to apply

■Tour planning and implementation: Minami-Sanriku Town Tourism Association
■Joint planning and management: Medical F2F Co.
■Co-hosting: Business World Corporation
■Tour information

□ Date: Monday, August 19th to Friday, August 23rd 2024, (4 nights 5 days)
□ Price: ¥155,000 per person (tax included)
□ Accommodation: Kamiwarizaki Campsite (1 night), Farm stay (1 night), Minami-Sanriku Manabinosato Iriyado (2 nights)

□ What is included in the tour price: Accommodation, Meals (4 dinners, 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches), Facility usage fee, Instruction fee, Insurance, Round-trip transportation from the meeting place to the site and transportation within the area, Experience program fee, etc.

□ What is not included in the tour price: Round-trip transportation from your home to the embarkation and disembarkation locations. Lunch on the fifth day, Other personal expenses, Medical expenses for injuries and illnesses

□ Participants and number of participants: 20 (Age 9 tp 18), living in Japan (minimum number of participants for the tour: 15)

□ Tour conductor: Not included (local co-organizer will guide)

■ Tour application documents

Terms and Conditions for This Tour_EN (PDF)
Standard General Conditions of Travel Agency Business (link)
Privacy policy of the tour_EN (PDF)
– Application form (https://forms.gle/wZJsA9GeDx7r1QXi8)

■How to apply

① Please fill out the application form (https://forms.gle/wZJsA9GeDx7r1QXi8).
② We will notify the applicant (or their parent) that their “reservation of tour application ” has been accepted. This notification will include information on how to pay the tour fee.
③ The applicant (or their parent) has to pay the tour fee.

*For marine activities, detailed application forms are provided by the provider organizations to provide safe and secure programs, so participants will be asked to fill them out individually after the tour has been decided to go ahead.

Application deadline: Monday, July 15, 2024 (National Holiday)
*First come, first served (please note that applications may close before the deadline above)

[Inquiries/Applications] Miyagi Prefecture Governor Registered Travel Agency No. 3-330
Minami-Sanriku Town Tourism Association
200-1 Shizugawa, Itsukamachi, Minami-Sanriku, Motoyoshi, Miyagi 986-0752
Tel: 0226-47-2550
Email: post@m-kankou.jp
Domestic Travel Agency Manager: Kazuto Oikawa

[Contact for media and project inquiries] Friendship Program 2024 Summer Planning and Management Office (Person in charge: Yumiirasawa)
Medical F2F Co., Ltd. Planning Promotion Division  Email: yumi.hirasawa@medicalf2f.com