teamLab Borderless in Tokyo Unveiled in its Entirety. Opening February 9, 2024 at the Azabudai Hills

teamLab Borderless: MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM (teamLab Borderless) is moving from its former location in Odaiba, Tokyo and is set to open at Azabudai Hills in Tokyo on February 9, 2024. Finally unveiled in its entirety, over 50 independent artworks form complex interrelationships, creating one borderless world. Visitor will be surprises from their entrance artwork, People Don’t See…


teamLab opens Galaxy & teamLab: Catching and Collecting in the Sea of Life on Sep 29 at Galaxy Harajuku in Tokyo

Art collective teamLab’s exhibition Galaxy & teamLab: Catching and Collecting in the Sea of Life opens September 29 at Galaxy Harajuku in Tokyo. Based on the concept of Catch, Study, Release, this new learning space invites visitors to explore and capture various sea creatures with a Galaxy smartphone, study them, and create their very own…


teamLab Botanical Garden to open in Osaka this summer, transforming a 240,000-sqm garden into experiential art at night

Art collective teamLab is opening a permanent nighttime exhibition, teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka, in Osaka City this summer, 2022. The outdoor exhibition transforms the 240,000-sqm Nagai Botanical Garden, home to 1,200 plant species, into an experiential art space that changes interactively with the behavior of nature and the presence of people. teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka is a botanical…


Gunma Prefecture’s Geographical Indication “GI Tone-Numata” Sake Kicks Off Its Overseas Sales on January 17, 2022!

GUNMA, Japan– Sake’s geographical indication, “GI Tone-Numata,” which consists of four sake breweries in the Tone-Numata area of Gunma Prefecture in Japan, requires that the breweries make the most of the local water and climate, and that the type of rice used as the raw material be one of the following: Yukihotaka, Gohyakumangoku, or Koshihikari….