Satsuma beef A4 rank at ¥ 3,980, all-you-can-eat “Kamimura BBQ”

In December 2019, Watami Co. Ltd. established a joint venture with the Kagoshima-Kamichiku Group. On Saturday, May 16th 2020, they established Kamimura BBQ, a yakiniku business specializing in wagyu beef, the pride of Japanese cuisine at the highest cost-performance. It opened in Kamata, Ota ward in Tokyo.

On the 23rd of June, they will expand to Moriguchi in Osaka, after that there are plans for further expansion to places such as Taiwan’s BREEZE TAIPEI STATION and Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh to gain a foothold in Asia. Further plans in 2021 include expansion to North America. Hirotada Shinmachi, President and CEO of Watami Kamichiku Co. Ltd was enthusiastic about the project, stating “We would like to spread the delicious taste of Japanese wagyu beef to the world. We plan to expand our business to ten countries around the world, first to Taiwan, Vietnam and then to English speaking Asian countries including Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. In Japan, we aim to not only open stores in the suburbs but also to areas in central Tokyo such as Shinjuku and Roppongi.”

The inside of the store is equipped with a circulation system which refreshes the air of the store every four minutes. Orders are entered via a touchpad provided on the table, dishes are transported to the table via a lane robot. The customer seats are divided by partitions with pair seats facing the lane, and tables of four and six in their own box area as well as a private room.






There are three types of all-you-can-eat menus. The Just Meat Course (¥2,980), Wagyu all-you-can-eat Japanese Black Beef Course (¥3,580) and the Wagyu Mania Course (¥3,980) which includes A4 rank Satsuma Beef. Japanese Black Beef balances the sweetness of the fat with the melt-in-your-mouth marbled red meat. “Third beef” inherited over 75% of the Japanese beef gene, an Australian-born wagyu beef cultivated in Kamichiku Farm located in the Kagoshima Prefecture.

Satsuma beef itself is a Kagoshima prefecture delicacy carefully selected from prize-winning Japanese black beef of four grades or over, cultivated in the Kagoshima prefecture. The all-you-can-eat high quality of this Japanese beef compared with the price is the reason for its strongest cost-performance.

Wagyu Mania Course (¥3,980)

The all-you-can-eat limited Premiere 4 is a must-have item containing astonishing meat! With meat so large it overwhelms the size of the plate! L-Bone Steak is a meaty sirloin, also known as the King of Steaks, a ripe pork marinated in pineapple, the demon of roast meats enjoyed with garlic and butter. It’s the “Southern Sweet”.

Tomahawk, mesh-shaped eternal Diamond Ribs, Meaty Ayers Rock and a wonderful mountain of harami! No doubt these are dishes you will want to tell your friends and family about.

Japanese Black Beef Course (¥3,580)

Just Meat Course (¥2,980)






Kamimura BBQ is not only meat. All-you-can-eat courses also include snacks, soups, fried foods, noodles, sushi rolls and rice. A particular point worthy of attention is the KAMIMURA BAR. This area contains a range of pesticide-free organic vegetables harvested from Watami Farm including carefully selected kimchi and namul. The rare tomato namul contains a sour taste that matches perfectly with meat, it’s also delicious when added to cold noodles. Look forward to future developments of this section.

[Store Information]

Kamimura Farm, Keikyu Kamata Daiichi Keihin Side Road Store 2-15-22 Minami Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo

All day 11am-1am (Last entry: 12am)

Kamimura BBQ, Moriguchi Minamijikata Store 2-11-25 Minamijikata Higashidori, Moriguchi City, Osaka Prefecture

All day 11am-12am (Last entry: 11pm)


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