Online MBA schools accessible from Japan

For those of you who are business professionals, use English for work, and/or work in an international environment, using this peculiar time could be an opportunity to enhance your business skills and take them to the next level!

Taking an online international MBA course accessible from the comfort of your home, adjusted to your schedule and more importantly, taking classes at your pace is a great career chance to improve your marketability.

So at JAPAN SELECT we have prepared a feature on “MBA Business Schools Accessible from Japan” to show options for boosting business careers as international learners.


Earn a prestigious British MBA with a 75% UNICAF Scholarship

The pandemic has changed the way we work and learn. And the post-pandemic global workplace is expected to be highly competitive. As a result, many new graduates and working professionals are studying for a Master of Business Administration. Yet, not all MBAs are the same high quality as British MBAs.

An MBA from a reputable university in the U.K. is a great addition to any CV. And in many cases it can lead to career advancement and increased earnings. 

The value of the British MBA












In fact, employers consider good-quality British MBAs as proof of professional knowledge, skills and analytical know-how. 

However, British MBAs do not come cheap and the COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of restrictions on foreign travel.

Enter Unicaf, a global educational organization, efficiently using the best that technology can offer. Unicaf offers quality, internationally recognized higher education programs.


British MBAs through Unicaf

Now you can access online the high-quality MBA programs of  the University of East London and the University of Suffolk in the U.K.  In response to changing global conditions and best practices, the content of these degrees is constantly updated.

Online studies through Unicafs state-of-the-art digital platform, have continued without disruption throughout the pandemic.

This way, students can access online everything they need for their studies. Furthermore, they interact with tutors and fellow students in 158 countries and can expand their professional network.


The cost of securing your professional future

 Through Unicaf, you can earn online exactly the same British MBA degree, at a fraction of the cost. Generous Unicaf Scholarships are offered to all successful applicants.

And here is the brilliant news: Japan Select readers can claim 75% Unicaf Scholarships to study online for a British MBA degree. You can  earn your MBA from the University of East London, or the University of Suffolk, both in the U.K.

You will only pay 25% of the fees in easy monthly instalments, study in your free time and add a prestigious British MBA to your CV. This could  be the best decision of your life.  Indisputably, quality British MBAs  can open good career opportunities  in Japan, the U.S., Asia and Europe!


What can a British MBA through Unicaf teach you? 

In case you are searching for a general MBA degree, the University of East London  MBA is ideal for you. It covers the business and management sectors and current key debates.

Candidates aspiring to senior management positions, entrepreneurs and business consultants can choose the MBA from the University of Suffolk. 

For information about Unicaf Scholarships and online British MBA programs click here.


Address: Old international Airport, 7130 Larnaca,Cyprus P.O.Box 42572, 6500 Larnaca, CYPRUS

Telephone: +357 2474 7500




Westcliff University


Westcliff University is a California Benefit University located in Irvine, California, and Miami, Florida, USA, committed to the public good, dedicated to serving the interests and welfare of its students, staff, faculty, and the greater community. Westcliff University received its initial approval from the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education in 1993.
With a population of over 3,400 active students, the university houses 4 colleges: College of Business, College of Education, College of Technology & Engineering, and the College of Law.


Westcliff University is a regionally and globally accredited California Benefit University in Irvine, California, USA. Westcliff has ~3,000 students from 90+ countries. Westcliff offers Bachelor, Master, Doctorate and certificates in Business, Education, Engineering, Science, and Law. WU has 6 intakes/year, ~$14,000 tuition/year, and off-campus CPT internships. All programs offer on-campus and live 100% online options.


Why Choose Westcliff University? 




  • Affordable Tuition: ~ $14,000 USD/yr

Payment plan per semester

Scholarships for international students

  • Attractive Locations: Irvine, CA & Miami, FL

Irvine – #1 safest city in America

Irvine – #1 best place to live in California

Multiple campuses: experience the east or west coast the USA

  • Quality Programs: emphasis on interaction and practical skills, not lecture

Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate in Business Administration

Bachelor’s in Education and Information Technology

Master’s in TESOL, Engineering Management, IT, and CS

Juris Doctor Program

6 intakes per year

No GRE, GMAT or SAT required for admissions

  • REAL Intensive English Program: for students that do not meet English proficiency requirements
  • CPT internship courses allow students to work off-campus during the program

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program prepares individuals for careers in management. More specifically, its aim is to provide an opportunity for men and women to develop knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and understanding that will constitute a foundation for growth into competent business management professionals, qualifying graduates to seek employment in major industries, including computer-related services, investment banking/securities and consulting in the areas of marketing, research, analysis, and/or finance.


The performance outcomes which are required for the completion of the program include class participation, response to discussion questions, writing research papers, group assignments, case study analyses, quizzes, mid-term and final examinations (Comprehensive Learning Assessments).

At Westcliff University you will

  • Work in diverse teams, make presentations, and lead case study analyses
  • Build a foundation in management principles
  • Develop your ability to think critically and problem-solve creatively
  • Take advantage of workshops and guest speaker presentations, offered throughout the year on both online and hybrid programs.
  • Network with students and faculty working in a wide range of industries
  • Equally important, you will learn from professors who are senior managers or business owners.

Get ready to sign up!

+1(949) 825 5999  

17877 Von Karman Ave, Suite 400

    Irvine, CA 92614





Texila American University



For over 10 years, the Texila American University has been committed to developing, offering and investing in innovative programs, facilities and operations within the fields of education and technology in North America, South America, Africa and India. The University brings together a diversity of knowledge and experience with senior leadership from around the world, serving as experts within medicine, education, research, healthcare, information technology, business strategy development, leadership and management. Texila American University (TAU) is built not of bricks and mortar but of the greater vision and dreams of S.P.Saju Bhaskar, who is ably supported by Co-Founder Mrs. Chithra Saju to make education possible for all. 

In a decade’s time, TAU has gained prominence as it has put students first and paved the way for them to achieve excellence in their life and career. With advanced degrees, TAU‘s proud alumni occupy higher designations in various world-renowned organizations like WHO, UNICEF, etc. The University equips its students with appropriate skills and prepares them to face the competitive market and excel in their respective professions.

About the MBA:

Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Executive:

Their Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) is a flexible option to power up your bachelor’s degree with ease. Indeed, it helps you move ahead in your career. They designed this online master’s degree to help you gain real-world management skills and lead your organization. Advance your career with our recognized EMBA degree!


A Bachelor’s Degree from a Recognized University with:

5 Years of Supervisory Experience or

10 Years of Total Work Experience, of Which the Last 3 Years Should Be in a Managerial or Administrative Role


1 Year


In an academic partnership with the University of Central Nicaragua, Texila American University offers an executive MBA.

  • Well-structured, international standard curriculum
  • Gain proficiency to become a business expert
  • Complete the executive Master of Business Administration with ease
  • TAU’s acclaimed EMBA program is provided on a par with the regular program as this EMBA program blends the flexibility of online learning with hands-on experiences to get you ready to become a professional business administrator with advanced problem-solving and decision-making skills. Earning an Executive MBA will fetch you a better opportunity in the ever-evolving business sector.


Salient Features:

  • Helps students to implement the best decisions in critical business it solutions.
  • The students will develop the best practices in operating small businesses and non-profit organization.
  • The students will be able to foster sound fiscal practices through analysis of financial statements and establishment of accounting procedures town sure effective managerial decision making.
  • Case studies and Article reviews help the students to develop their learning ability by enhancing their knowledge.
  • Capstone projects and Research work would enhance the student’s knowledge regarding the real time scenarios of business across the globe.


Get more information below and get to the next level of your career!

+592 265 7652

Lot 24-42, Plantation, Providence, East Bank Demerara, Georgetown, Guyana