KANI Doraku’s 60th Anniversary Fair

Enjoy authentic KANI(crab) cuisine in a traditional Japanese atmosphere.

KANI Doraku is a long-established crab specialty restaurant celebrating 60 years of serving delicious dishes that bring out the best of each ingredient. Featuring delicacies such as snow crab, king crab, and horsehair crab. They serve a variety of crab dishes including their specialty KANISUKI (crab hot pot), char-grilled crab, crab sashimi, crab tempura and crab sushi. They have Japanese-style private rooms with sunken seating where you can relax and enjoy an authentic Japanese experience.

KANI Doraku’s 60th Anniversary Special Crab Sale

Expressing their gratitude to their customers, KANI Doraku’s 60th Anniversary Special Crab sale is now available. Carefully selected high-quality crab perfect for gifts can be delivered nationwide. Their specially priced, pre-cut crabs are also available with easy to prepare recipes. Please join us in celebrating KANI Doraku’s 60th Anniversary.

Please order KANI Doraku 60th Anniversary Special Crabs at https://kanidouraku.info/user_data/kanidouraku60th.php

Limited Seasonal Special Kaiseki Course

Assorted king crab sashimi and boiled crab kaiseki course

This limited time kaiseki course comes with fresh king crab sashimi, crab sashimi pickled in white soy sauce, seared crab sashimi, crab sashimi with lemon and more!

Don’t miss KANI Doraku’s 60th anniversary fair!!

Kani Doraku https://douraku.co.jp/

Shop information

Shinjuku https://japanrestaurant.net/en/shop/kani-douraku-shinjuku/

Shinjuku Ekimae https://japanrestaurant.net/en/shop/kani-douraku-shinjuku-ekimae/

Nishi-Shinjuku 5-chome https://japanrestaurant.net/en/shop/kani-douraku-nishi-shinjuku-5-chome/

Ginza 8-chome https://japanrestaurant.net/en/shop/kani-douraku-ginza-8-chome/

Shibuya https://japanrestaurant.net/en/shop/kani-douraku-shibuya-park-avenue/

Ueno https://japanrestaurant.net/en/shop/kani-douraku-ueno/

Yokohama https://japanrestaurant.net/en/shop/kani-douraku-yokohama/

Kawasaki https://japanrestaurant.net/en/shop/kani-douraku-kawasaki/