Introducing “The PARK SHINJUKU”, the new dining area of the renewed 8th floor restaurant level of LUMINE EST Shinjuku!

On the 19th of December, LUMINE EST Shinjuku’s renewed restaurant floor on the 8th floor opened and introduced The PARK SHINJUKU. The PARK SHINJUKU is a free and open space based on the concept of a “transitioning park” where you can spend time with friends at a park enjoying food together. In this fun and open space, very different to normal food courts, nine new shops will be opening.


The slogan of Park Bazaar reads “Happy ‘YIPPEE’ Emotion!” and true to those words, the food hall is lively and rife with unique shops. The shops themselves boast colourful interiors, pop art that covers the wall and a lot of greenery to freshen up the space. Three permanent shops serve pizza, spice curry and waffle chicken, the fourth is a pop up shop that changes with the seasons, always offering new styles of delicious food.


PIZZA GLORY  is a specialty restaurant with 50cm diameter BIG New York styled pizza. Savor the taste of the classic tomato and simmered cheese pizza as well as the rare dessert pizza here.



SOUTH WONDER CURRY specialises in South Indian curry cuisine. Meals supervised by renowned spice master Shankar Noguchi (Tokyo Spice founder).




WAFFLE CHICKEN HOMIES is a shop specializing in waffle chicken, the combination of fried chicken and waffle, drizzled with plenty of maple syrup. A long-since loved American meal, try it out here.



STRAWBERRY PEEPS is only here for a limited time, this place specializes in strawberry parfait. It’s an extremely photogenic dish packed with sweet and sour flavours, get ready to be surprised by the taste!




The gourmet burger specialty restaurant born in Oahu, Hawaii in 1975. This restaurant features stone grilled hamburger patties topped with fresh vegetables to create the full-fledged gourmet burger its known for. The chunky cheddar avocado burger in particular is to die for. 10cm thick, rich cheddar cheese and ripe avocado topped with a generous 150g of meat patty. The fluffy and cute “Aloha Pop Cake” is limited only to “Kua’Aina” in Lumine Est. Shinjuku. It’s an eye-catching dish filled with plenty of light cream, fluffy sponge, macadamia, granola to add the crunchy texture and finished off with fluffy foam. This dish is topped and decorated with a rainbow candy known as “Ori” from the Kagawa Prefecture, its a fusion menu of Japanese and Western cuisine.










CHA NUNG is a popular tea shop from Taiwan that specialises in trendy sweet teas. “Black sesame charcoal latte with white tapioca” is a LUMINE EST Shinjuku limited specialty. Limited to only 100 cups a day for worldwide pre-sale! Drinks containing charcoal are said to be good for detoxing. The sweetness “Black sesame charcoal latte with white tapioca” is arranged in five levels, bringing out the best of all flavours for all tastes.







Pacific DRIVE-IN

With its first shop in Shichirigahama Beach, this drive-in café is based around the concept of a Hawaiian plate lunch, this is its first shop in the Tokyo area. This shop boasts a special LUMINE EST Shinjuku only menu of dishes, salads and pancakes as well as other meals that can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night.


Pacific BAKERY

Pacific BAKERY is the sister store of Pacific DRIVE-IN in Shichirigahama. The Hawaiian pastry “NAKAMURA GENERAL STORE” sells scones supervised by Jun Nakamura.



Cold Stone Creamery is an entertainment ice cream shop from the United States. Upon receiving your order, you can watch as the talented staff mix ice cream and toppings of your choice right before your eyes on a -9℃ stone.

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Address: 3-38-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo