Japanese Luxury Green Tea And More For Premium Gifts

As people around the world better understand the health benefits of Japanese tea, more and more of them are interested in purchasing a variety of new teas and unique flavors of traditional Japanese teas. The catechins in Japanese tea, especially green tea, have been known to lower hemoglobin levels, have antioxidant effects and help lower cholesterol levels. The theanine, an amino acid also found in tea, helps relax the body.

At JAPAN SELECT, we have carefully selected exclusive Japanese tea companies for you to enjoy high quality afternoon tea at home, but also to gift your loved ones with delightful and healthy teas.


IKKYU premium green teas take you on an exclusive journey of flavors and tastes. Discover a beautiful universe of rare teas made by award-winning producers in Kyushu, southwestern Japan, who bring their expertise and talent to your cup.

Curated by the IKKYU team in Fukuoka, on the producers’ doorstep

IKKYU’s selection has something for everyone. Maybe you are looking for authentic, traceable and healthy green tea for yourself. Maybe you wish to make the perfect gift for close friends, beloved family members, or valuable partners. For every case, for every situation, they have the right tea for you.

Matcha, gyokuro, sencha, or kamairicha; packed with caffeine, or perfect for a late afternoon break; silky and rich, or light and toasted; a special tea for a special occasion, or a daily charge of healthy goodness: whether you are a newcomer to the extraordinary world of green tea, or a seasoned and demanding connoisseur, you will find what you are looking for – and much more – in their online boutique. IKKYU picked only the best for you.

Each tea tells a story

The story of a region of traditions passed along generations and of producers who dedicate themselves every year to offer tea lovers precious moments of pleasure and relaxation. This is the story that IKKYU wants to share with you.

Like wine and whiskey, tea terroirs have unique specificities and characteristics, and Kyushu teas have an incredible variety. From Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Miyazaki, Nagasaki, Saga and more, each cup will make you travel to those beautiful places, off the beaten tracks. Wherever you are in the world, get to know these skilled tea farmers who bring to your table the diversity of Kyushu tea terroirs.

The IKKYU team wraps the teas by hand in traditional Japanese washi paper, with detailed instructions for each product.

Take the time to visit their boutique, take a chance at something new, or find comfort in what you love best. Discover IKKYU terroirs, learn more about green tea, and contact them with any requests or questions. IKKYU will make your tea shopping experience unforgettable and relaxing.

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Cadeau Nature

The best gifts come from nature

Our earth is full of blessings. Its treasures have the best flavors and offer us purity and health.

Cadeau Nature tea is pesticide-free, naturally cultivated and harvested once a year, and is filled with the flavor of the land. It is made into powder to create what they call edible tea. Cadeau Nature also produces biscuits from ingredients that meet European BIO organic standards. It is ideal for those who are particular about organic and healthy ingredients and natural tastes.

Because more and more people choose gifts mindfully and are looking for healthy products

If it’s a good product I want to recommend it to people I know. A gift conveys a person’s thoughts. Therefore, more and more people are concerned about the ingredients, materials used and where the product comes from.

Cadeau Nature offers a wide variety of sets, from casual gifts to gifts for loved ones. Enjoy your gift alone for your daily relaxation time. You can also enjoy tea together with your loved ones. 

To get the full power of Mother Nature. Our powdered tea is TEA TO EAT

Have you ever heard of natural cultivation? It is a method of growing tea that does not use any fertilizer or pesticides. In a land blessed with the sun, warm temperatures and rain, Cadeau Nature’s tea grows big by exerting its original power. The farmers who are working with Cadeau Nature keep an eye on their growth. Harvest is done only once a year to maintain healthy soil. The tea grown in these rich soils is fresh, pure and healthful.

Furthermore, Cadeau Nature made it into powder so that you can savor all the ingredients of tea. You can appreciate their tea not only by drinking it, but also adding it to your food. It’s easy and environmentally friendly because you can make tea without using kettles.

Okara & Oats Biscuits and Tea Chocolate rediscover tea’s earthy aromas

To accompany your tea experience, Cadeau Nature also prepares biscuits made with soybean flour, organic wheat, sugar beets and naturally grown tea. Taste the robust matcha flavour in every bite! Try the 3-year aged bancha flavoured biscuits and enjoy the sweetness associated with the natural tea flavour.

For a unique experience, Cadeau Nature also infuses tea with chocolate! Matcha, 3-year aged bancha, and Japanese black tea flavors blended in chocolate will delightfully tickle your nose. You cannot miss this experience. 

Where can you find such unique and premium products?

From the packaging to the final product, Cadeau Nature carefully selected the best for you. You can find their products in their flagship shop located in Gift Palette, Tokyo Station and also online https://www.cadeau-style.jp/nature/ 


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