Kanazawa Sushi Amore! – A Fusion of Hokuriku and Italian Cuisine

Kanazawa Sushi Amore!” is not your regular sushi restaurant. Here you will find unique sushi with customary, Italian ingredients such as prosciutto and cheese. The owner of this restaurant, came up with this idea as he came to the realize the many similarities between the Noto and the Italian peninsula.
Not only have both places have been blessed with being the land of a variety of ingredients, but even the shape of the peninsulas are similar. Both areas are surrounded by open water and similar to how the Tateyama Mountain Range are located on the Noto peninsula, Italy has the Alps.

This restaurant was first open in Kounandai, Kanagawa Perfecture, in June 2018. It started out as a conveyor belt sushi restaurant where customers could enjoy delicious fish from the Hokuriku region for a good price. Immediately gaining popularity, ”Amore Sushi” was brought to Ginza to open up their second branch in August 2018, just two months later.

In this piece, we will introduce the “The Grande Course (¥6,980)”.
This rich course will first give you a small Japanese appetizer as well as dry-cured ham with cheese. Following, you will be served carpaccio, tempura, grilled fish, 4 pieces of Tokyo style sushi, assorted platter of Amore sushi & Amore rolls, soup and finally dessert. The fish used changes every three seasons, so it’s definitely worth checking out at least once every season.

The small Japanese appetizer is fresh, mozuku in vinegar – mozuku a seaweed with very tender texture. Next, you will be served thin slices of the dry-cured ham and cheese and having this with chopsticks is just one of the many unique experiences you receive at Sushi Amore!.



The carpaccio is served in a form of salad with lemons and white fish, giving it a very refreshing taste. The tempura that follows is made of milt. Milt tempura has a very rich taste, but crispy coating helps in making sure it’s not overwhelmingly so even as the umami expands in your mouth.







The grilled fish, is an Italian take on Japanese bluefish flavored with Kyoto miso in basil sauce. It will be served with slices of smoked daikon pickles and cream-cheese. The fusion of Kyoto’s sweet miso and the balsamic basil sauce is definitely a unique dish you only can try at Sushi Amore!

The highlight at this restaurant though, is definitely the different types of “Amore Sushi. For example, “Grilled Rice Prawns with Salmon Roe” where the rice used have been mixed with squid ink, which is not only commonly used in Japan but in Italy as well. Or “Scallops & Basil Mayo” which has been wrapped in zucchini instead of seaweed. Other unique sushi include “Grilled Pilchard with Garlic Oil”, “Grilled Salmon with Truffle Salt” and many others all which can only be found here where the Japanese and Italian cuisine become one.

The “Amore Rolls” are made of salmon, avocado and cheese, all which will melt in your mouth. If eaten together with the fly fish roe that is spread out on the plate as well, you will experience another unique harmony that can only be tasted here.
You can also order these two, “Amore Sushi” and “Amore Rolls” from the menu à la carte, where you can find other jewels as well, such as the “Urchin, Salmon Roe, Caviar Zucchini Roll”. Such a luxurious piece is definitely worth a try!

The restaurant also has private counter seats, so for the customer who wants ultimate privacy. Other than that, there are both open counter seats as well as tables from which you can see the beautiful scenery of Ginza. A great collection of over 20 bottles of wine makes sure there will be a wine just right for you, and they are available for good prices starting from ¥500 per glass, or ¥2,500 per bottle. A white Italian wine goes extremely well together with Amore Sushi.

On a busy day, they say that over 40% of the customers are foreigners here at Kanazawa Sushi Amore! There are not many places where you can enjoy traditional, Tokyo style sushi as well as a unique fusion between the Japanese and Italian kitchen, like you can here at this restaurant. You definitely should give it a try.

Name: Kanazawa Sushi Amore! Ginza 
Address: Duplex Tower 9F
5-13-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Access: 1 min. from Exit 4 at Ginza Station
Open: Monday – Saturday
Lunch: 11:30am – 3pm (Last call 2:30pm) Dinner: 5:30pm – 11pm (Last call 10:30pm)
Closed: Sundays
Available seats: 50
Website: http://sushi-amore.com/ginza/index.html