Hi! EveryValley! – A New Community Space has opened in Tokyo Dome City on March 15th, 2019!

This new location, Hi! EveryValley! provides a new type of community lot to the area. Using containers for the various shops available, it gives a nice street-vibe that otherwise would be difficult to come across by Tokyo Dome. The ”Hi!” in the name was added in hope of that this would be a new meeting spot for people coming by. The surroundings are rich in both nature and various types of art, making for locations to take photos and there are even a nice children area for the young visitor as well.

Within ”Hi! EveryValley!” there are a total of six different shops that all provide their own flavor, and in the back of it all there is a new type of cabin-style hotel named ”First Cabin Tokyo Dome City”. The theme of this hotel is ”compact luxury” and has had the image of a first class cabin when it was created, giving the familiar cabin-style a new touch.






The six restaurant are as follows; ”THAI Lab” where you can experience authentic thai food served just as it would on the busy streets of Bangkok, ”SCHMATZ” a German shop where you can try some real German craft beer as well as the famous, German schnitzel burgers and more! Next is a shop that focuses on burger patties, ”Yamamoto’s Burger, Meatball and Wine”, followed by ”MeetFresh Xian” a popular Taiwanese dessert location. Finally there’s ”BRYANT COFFEE” where they will give you their original blends and espresso using the coffee brand ”Kyoto ARABICA”, and the crepe shop ”Marion Crepe” which has been in business ever since 1976. These six shops are all here to provide lunch services as well as a snack for anyone who comes by in the afternoon. Of course, if you want a proper meal at the end of the day there’s that option as well.

We will introduce two of the six shops here.


”THAI Lab” is the first shop that will greet you as you enter the ”Hi! EveryValley!” area in the ”Kiiroi Bldg.” There are colorful tuk-tuks lined up decorated with various small accessories from Thailand. Along with the smell of the various typical Thai dishes such as gapao rice and khao man gai, green curry etc. you will experience an atmosphere of having been transported to Thailand. The masterminds behind this shop is the company SUU SUU CHAIYOO Co., Ltd., which specializes in spreading Thai food, culture and further make people more interested in the country. They already have one shop in Shibuya, so this is the second location for this particular chain. The chefs as well as the staff working here are from Thailand so you will definitely get an authentic experience!

For those who like a spicy dish at lunch (11am – 3pm) ”Phad Bai Gaprao ¥1,080” is a strong recommendation! It’s a simple dish of minced chicken stired with basil. Another recommendation is ”Tom Yum Rice Noodles (¥1,080)” which is filled with plenty of herbs! ”Khao Soi (¥1,100)” which is a chiang mai curry ramen, and the ”Chicken Green Curry (¥1,100)” will be served with fresh spring rolls and soup.

There are even ”Kids Thai Ramen” and ”Kids Set” for the children!

Once lunch is over, the menu changes and between 3pm to 11pm you can enjoy other dishes. On this menu you will find various alcoholic drinks, such as the popular Thai beer ”Singha Beer,” as well as ”Chang Beer” and many other sour cocktails, various wines etc. To go with these alcoholic beverages, the menu expands to a snack menu, salads, stir-fried food, soups and dishes with rice and noodles.

You can for example enjoy some of the popular Thai dishes known to many. For example, the green papaya salad ”Somtum (¥1,120),” ”Phak Bung Fai Daeng (¥1,080)” which is known as stir-fried Chinese morning glory in the west, ”Tom Yum (¥980)”, ”Khao Man Gai (¥1,080)” where you get rice cooked along with chicken and many, many more.
This company also opened another restaurant inside Tokyo Dome by the third base, named ”Krung Siam” so one can enjoy the tastes of Thailand even while watching baseball!

Tom Yum ¥980

Gapao Rice ¥1,080

Stir-fried Chinese Morning Glory ¥1,080

Khao Man Ga¥1,080











Pad Thai ¥1,080

Fresh Spring Rolls ¥420







Business hours:Lunch: 11am-3pm, Dinner: 3pm-11pm (LO 10pm)
Holidays: None
Price: Lunch: ¥1,100 Dinner: ¥2,000
Address: Hi! EveryValley! 1F/Kiiroi Bldg., Korakuen Hall Bldg., Tokyo Dome City

Tel: 03-5684-3281


SCHMATZ Beer Stand

In German ”schmatz” means ”Bell of Happiness.”

At this casual beer stand, you can enjoy authentic craft beer, German sausages, hot dogs and schnitzel burgers.
The two owners are young and started thier business in 2013 with just one food truck. Today they have a total of 13 shops. A key to their popularity is surely the way they have modernized the, otherwise very traditional German food. They have various types of beer and eating here makes one want to taste and compare much more than just one type.

Schmatz exists on locations such as Akasaka, Kichijoji, Shibuya and Harajuku already, but here in Tokyo Dome City they provide a special menu. Their top items are the four different German Hot Dogs they have added. The hot dogs here are both bigger and jucier than what you are used to, for sure! There are also food such as a Genovese Pizza (¥700), colorful sauerkraut (¥650), cheese mushrooms (¥800) and mashed potatoes with caramelized onions (¥800) all of which are very colorful foods perfect for instagram.






Their popular craft beer is used by using both German resources and Japanese water and it’s produced here in Japan. They also have pilsner beer such as ”WALD LING (M¥650, L¥850), Bitburger (M¥850, L¥1,050) and craft beer on tap (M¥750, L¥950). They also have craft bottles for ¥750. With the weather getting warmer, the craft beers will taste even better if you have them here!


SCHMATZ Beer Stand Tokyo Dome City 

Open: All year 11am – 11pm
Prices: Lunch: ¥1,000~¥2,000 Dinner: ¥1,000~¥3,000
Address: Hi! EveryValley! 1F/Kiiroi Bldg., Korakuen Hall Bldg., Tokyo Dome City

Tel: 03-5615-9245



Hi! EveryValley!

Address: Korakuen Hall Bldg./Kiiroi Bldg. Area Tokyo Dome City, 1-3-61 Koraku, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo
Access: 1min walk from JR Suidobashi Station West Exit
3min walk from Suidobashi Station on the Toei Mita Line A2 Exit
Korakuen Station Exit 2 on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line/Namboku Line
Kasuga Station Exit 6 on the Toei Oedo Line