RIKKA presents the finest wagyu beef in a luxurious setting

RIKKA just opened on the 8th of March 2021 near Roppongi Hills.

Enjoy the finest Japanese beef singled out over half a century, coveted by chefs of the Grand Maison and long-established meat wholesalers, fired in a stone oven and crafted by the most skilled professionals using first class ingredient.

Upon entering the restaurant, the first thing you will see is the large glass refrigerators where large chunks of meat are stored. The interior is gorgeous with private rooms available for customers, in the Spring you can enjoy the cherry blossoms in full bloom, just within reach outside the window. In order to create a safe and hygienic space the latest ventilation system has been installed in each private room. The air is replaced every five minutes. All rooms are private, perfect for entertaining and dining with loved ones.

The chef, Mr Tatsuya Sato, has studied under Joel Bruant, chairman of the Academy of French Culinary Association, the head chef of Cuisine Francaise “JJ” and under many other three and two star restaurants such as Paul Bocuse and Maison Pic, he refined his skills.

This place is home of the six most valuable skills in a restaurant. Grilling, bread, sweets, wine selection, meat selection and hospitality. Put together to create a brilliant masterpiece of a restaurant.

Allow us to introduce some gems of this restaurant. Each dish is beautiful and elaborate, the mere presentation unfolding before the customer only enhances the beauty of the dish.

Upon arrival, a black case with a glass lid awaits on the table, complete with a napkin and menu. Pick up the napkin and find the beautiful flowers and white stones inside the case. It’s like a small garden.

Then the first dish is brought in. A golden ball and a silver ball are placed before you, majestic and beautiful, the excitement upon seeing these dishes is indescribable. A rare spherical bowl and a beautiful dish inside await you.

[Japanese black beef, golden consommé, jelly sea urchin] A rare jewel of a meal with edible flowers and a golden leaf.

[Shorthorn Wagyu Beef from the Akita Prefecture] Even when enjoyed bite by bite, the taste of the firm meat is incomparable. It is served with a rare vegetable called a sea asparagus which is rich in minerals and grows by the sea.

[Miyazaki Prefecture Japanese Black Beef, Arita Beef and matured Comté] The appearance of the aged comte cheese adds a massive visual plus to the dish as a whole. Decorated with beef bones, stewed meat is wrapped in the dough and topped with cheese. Inside this crispy textured dish, the taste of the juicy Arita beef is incredible.


[Freshly baked bread from L’Atelier du Pain] This fluffy bread cannot even be bought in the bakery on the first floor of the same building. Served with red and green seaweed and cheese. Similar breads can be found in L’Atelier du Pain, making them perfect souvenirs.



[Yamagata Prefecture Japanese Black Beef Snowfall Obanazawa Beef Shabu-Shabu] A large amount of truffles are scraped on the Japanese beef placed on the plate before you. The beauty of this dish is one thing but the scent is something else. How does one eat such a beautiful dish? Push the meat down and revel in the view of the hot soup with plenty of foie gras inside, a shabu-shabu meal right then and there. This is a surprisingly delicious meal of soup and Japanese beef.

[Refreshing Ice Cream] This ice cream is sprinkled with mirin from Gyokusen Hyakutaki, which has been treasured over ten years. The exquisite saltiness and sweetness of this dish cannot be overlooked.



[Today’s Extreme Wagyu Beef Stone Grilled with Seasonal Vegetables] Select the recommended wagyu beef of the day and the chef will stone grill it. The day we tried it out, the specialty of the day was marbled Obanazawa, a Japanese black beef from the Yamagata Prefecture. Although it’s soft with very little fat, the taste is strong and delicious. Infused with a blend of various spices, this can be enjoyed with red wine salt, horseradish pickled in soy sauce and yuzu pepper, the changing tastes will delight and surprise you.

[CoCo Ange Special Dessert] A colorful dessert in a beautiful bowl, complete with flowers.

[Coffee or Tea]

Two more items were added to the regular course and it changes depending on the season.


You can choose from three types of wine pairing to match the course. We were pleasantly surprised to find that you are able to also choose according to the amount you can drink. Located in the very same building “Wine Shop Sommelier” can be found, this place sells very rare selections of wines coveted by sommeliers and as a result, this wine pairing option includes some very rare wines.

[Wine Pairing] Standard 6 kinds 100ml ¥8,800
Half 6 kinds 60ml ¥5,500
Short 3 kinds 80ml ¥3,850

These are the three kinds we were lucky enough to choose from the day we went there.




Enjoy a new range of courses per season in a beautiful space with heartfelt hospitality and special, rare wagyu beef dishes that can only be found right here.

Restaurant information
Restaurant Name: RIKKA

Location: 21 Roppongi Building 2nd floor, 6-1-12 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tel: 03-3401-2929


Business Hours:
Lunch: Mon-Fri: 11:30am~3pm (LO 1:30pm), Sat-Sun & Hol: 11:30am-4pm (LO 2:30pm), Dinner: Mon-Fri: 5:30pm~11pm (LO 9pm), Sat: 5pm~11pm (LO 9pm), Sun-Hol: 5pm~10pm (LO 8pm)

*Business hours may change subject to a state of emergency. Please check the official website in advance.