Ultra rare! Barmhaus SUN, the Italian restaurant that uses Aichi duck opens in Kawasaki!

“Baumhaus SUN”, an Italian restaurant utilizing ingredients straight from Higashi Mikawa, Aichi Prefecture, opened in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture on Sunday, the 16th of June 2019. It’s the newest venture of Kind Heart Co. Ltd, which already has two restaurants in Tokyo specialising in duck cuisine. The charm of duck is that whilst it is lighter and healthier, it is also packed full with flavor. Popular amongst the mains is the charcoal-grilled, thick-cut roast duck dish which boasts a juicy and meaty taste. The most unusual parts of the duck, such as the heart and liver are used in this dish as well to create a taste that will no doubt surprise you. To top it off, the vegetables provided with the dish compliment the duck so well, its sure to leave a lasting, delicious impression.

“Aichi Duck” an original brand from the Aichi Prefecture, has a low melting point of fat at 26 Celcius and is known by the flavor and melt-in-your-mouth taste when eaten. Because the processing is natural and the hair-removal is manually performed one by one, only 70 ducks can be produced for food per day which is an extremely small number. This makes it a rare brand of meat that is limited only to select wholesale stores.

A recommended drink to try with these dishes is the wine from the first winery in the Taito Prefecture “Book Room”. This winery has a wide selection of international wines and would be the perfect pairing to these dishes.






Mr Higuchi, the owner, cited “local revitalization” as the main reason for choosing Kawasaki, which is also his hometown, as the home of his new restaurant. The east exit of Kawasaki Station is barren when compared to the west exit and efforts have been made recently to change that. He decided to open the restaurant here to play a role in revitalizing the east exit. The restaurant provides a relaxing atmosphere, there are counter seats and bar seats with a view of the open kitchen. It also provides a private room that can accommodate up to ten people.

For lunch options, patrons can choose from 24 types of pasta lunches including a salad buffet, all-you-can-drink soup and drinks (ice coffee and ice tea). All at a reasonable price of ¥1,000. There are two types of lunch courses available, a ¥2,000 course and a ¥3,000 course.

Photograph (from the left, Ms Sugo – Brewer, Mr Higuchi – owner, Mr Ichikawa – Aichi Duck Producer.)


Name: Kawasaki Baum House Sun
Address: Nisshincho Kawasaki-Ward, Kawasaki-Prefecture Kawasaki-Ward 3-4 UNICO 2F
Access: 10 minutes on foot from JR Kawasaki Station, 12 minutes on foot from Keikyu Kawasaki Station
Opening hours: Weekday lunch: 11:30am-2pm (LO 1:30 pm), Weekends: 12 pm-3pm (LO 2pm), Dinner 6 pm-11pm (LO 10pm)
Closed: Monday
Number of seats: 60