Delicious Vegetable-only Gyoza is here – introducing Tokyo Vegan Gyoza 1.0!

100% Domestically-grown vegetables – No chemical seasonings – Zero additives

REPUBLI9, founded with the mission of “Connecting families through gyoza and wrapping the world with a smile”, has created a vegan dumpling with excellent flavor and nutritional balance. Packed with vegetables and high-quality soybean protein, “Tokyo Vegan Gyoza 1.0” is now on sale.
Currently, it is available for pre-order in the Tokyo metropolitan area (Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa) with a first-come-first-served limit of 1,000 people, with product shipments will beginning in late August.

“Tokyo Vegan Gyoza 1.0 Beta” Limited Time Offer

For all of those eager to get a taste, the “Tokyo Vegan Gyoza 1.0 Beta” will open for a limited time at Futako Tamagawa Rise Nicopic Kitchen Trailer.
Period: July 3 to mid-August
Menu: Grilled gyoza, chilled gyoza, steamed gyoza and chilled gyoza salad bowl



By creating these vegan gyoza, people of various cultures, customs, and ideas can all enjoy together.  “Tokyo Vegan Gyoza 1.0” was first released as a product of REPUBLI9, and with the increasing demand for plant-based foods, keep an eye out for future offerings from them.

Name Quantity Expire date/ temperature Price (tax included)
Tokyo Vegan Gyoza 1.0 15 pieces x 2 sets 365 days / Frozen 1,200 yen



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