JR East’s largest shopping area “Gransta Tokyo” opens August 3rd at Tokyo Station!

JR East’s largest in-station shopping area “Gransta Tokyo” opened on Monday the 3rd of August, 2020. 66 stores opened in the new area around the north passage of Tokyo station. With the existing 87 stores already in the area, a total of 153 stores will be available. “Try New Tokyo St” features an unprecedented in-station shopping area at Tokyo Station with a new plethora of stores opening for the first time.


Exploring gourmet cuisine in the in-station mall

There are 34 restaurants, including a new specialty store in Tokyo Station, long-established shops in the area and local specialties with a total of approximately 1000 seats. We here at J SELECT will introduce some of the hottest stores and restaurants available.




This restaurant symbolizes Tokyo Station, the interior has been reproduced as a dining car. A variety of menus come highly recommended, stemming from 80 years of historic Japanese cuisine and special Hayashi rice, pride of the restaurant chef. The restaurant comes with four different zones, the dining car, lobby car, compartment and terrace.


Haneda Market (Sushi train・Seafood Bar)

Haneda Market is a sushi train restaurant and seafood bar under the same store name. This restaurant is very particular about locally produced seafood. They provide fresh seafood caught that very morning from fishing ports nationwide, brought straight to the restaurant by the fastest bullet trains or highway busses to ensure freshness. Enjoy the “Natural Tuna Bowl” at the bar or various sushi meals in the sushi train area. Fresh ingredients and tasty red vinegar of such high quality you wouldn’t think it’s a sushi train restaurant. Customers can order on the tablet in Japanese, English and Chinese.


Nangokusyuka 47 (Yon-nana) China (Chinese Cuisine)

“Nangokusyuka 47 (Yon-nana) China” is a new style of authentic Chinese cuisine. The restaurant ingredients and seasonings are carefully selected nationwide. Enjoy the taste of local dishes from all over the 47 prefectures of Japan such as pork rice cake from Gunma, Rice “Kaze Sayaka” from Nagano and “Misaki no salt” from Kumamoto. The menu includes fresh seasonal ingredients, read up about the ingredients and historic origins of the meals on offer. Menus are also available in English. With all-day dining available, we highly recommend dropping in for breakfast at Tokyo Station before heading out to work.


Toyoken Tokyo Station (Western Cuisine

Founded in 1890. With its main store located in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture, it rose to fame during the Meiji Era as the purveyor of the Imperial Household and was responsible for the completion parties for both Tokyo Station and the National Diet Building. Here you can enjoy “Royal Black Curry” made using Matsuzaka beef and Matsusaka beef steak along with Western dishes made with Ise prawns and abalone from Ise Bay.

Kakunoshin Hamurger Bar

A unique hamburger bar where you can enjoy sake and a menu filled with specialty “kakunoshin” meat. The signature menu “Kinkei Hamburger” (complete with salad, soup and rice) is a masterpiece of fine texture and delicious taste. The beef is topped with Japanese style sauce including a secret seasoning which adds to it’s flavor.


Kitade TACOS (Mexican Tacos)

A taco specialty restaurant hailing from the philosophy of Brooklyn’s food lab “BBF”. It’s main store is Kitade on Kanda Kindori Street. This restaurant offers tasty original tacos with a bouncy texture made from local ingredients and homemade tortillas made from corn straight from Hokkaido, handmade, non-processed and additive-free.

Tajima Beef MIKATA powered by GORIO (Japanese Yakiniku)

This Japanese styled yakiniku meal was first made by the famous store “Gorio” founded in Tsukiji as a branch of the famous bark charcoal-grilled steak store “Kuroh”. They offer the finest pure Tajima beef and rare Japanese wagyu beef with grilled meat and skewers. The finest Tajima beef is yakiniku roasted to perfection with Japanese technique. It is a variety of meals such as sukiyaki and beef hotpot, enjoy the finest meat. The restaurant includes a tablet with meals ready to order in English and Japanese.



Nagoya Cochin Specialty Ito Washigoro Store (Yakiniku) 

A rare specialty shop with a menu containing all food made with Nagoya cochin. Enjoy Nagoya cochin dishes with carefully selected sake, shochu and wine to match yakitori and chicken dishes. Egg and chicken dishes as well as Yakitori dishes topped off with their special fluffy eggs. A single chicken contains only 40 grams of sotlylaisse and 10 grams of harami. Enjoy Nagoya cochin in a variety of ways such as lunch boxes for take-out, dining occasions or even simple casual dining.


Tokyo Gyoza Stand Oolong (Dumplings & Craft Beer) 

Enjoy original dumplings by Chinese dim sum and a Michelin chef. Guests are invited to watch skilled craftsmen making handmade dumplings right in the store. The fusion with beer made from oolong tea makes a perfect match.



Seafood Diner UOCHU (Japanese Set Meal)

Seafood Diner UOCHU offers the finest seafood with ingredients carefully selected from the Toyosu Market. This restaurant offers a wide variety of rice bowls such as a plentiful amount of fresh sea urchin, fatty tuna spread on dishes like “Zeitaku Bowl” (¥3,650) and “Goshikin Bowl” (¥1,980) as well as a set menu with sashimi and other main dishes. The breakfast menu runs from 8 to 11am and will be available for the first time at affiliated stores.

Craft Japanese Malt Whisky SAKURA  (Whisky Bar)

A bar specializing in local whisky. Prepared from standard distilleries such as Super Nikka, Black Nikka, Bamboo Crane, Sasa River, Ichirose Malt etc…this bar also offers meals such as Kumamoto tuna, cold whisky chicken, caviar side dishes to complete the meal.


Tokyo Station Beer Stand

Tokyo Station Beer Stand provides high quality draft beer made using knowledge and techniques by Asahi Beer. Enjoy beers like dry serve, dry merlot and dry milco as well as three kinds of flavors, “Asahi Super Dry”, “Salmon Fry and Chips” (800 yen) and “Gizzard-filled potato salad” (500 yen). Enjoy a menu specially made to pair beer with food.


CACAO HUNTERS Plus (Chocolate Cafe)

Mayumi Ogata and a team from Colombia in South America form the “cacao hunters” specialists in cocoa cultivation and chocolate production. Here, their first store opened. Cacao Hunters features original desserts like the “Omelette Banana Chocolate” which is inspired by cacao grown in the shade of bananas. Enjoy the delicious taste of cacao with desserts, gelato and drinks made in-store.



DEPOT (Coffee Bar)

Enjoy music playing from the DJ booth in this all-counter café bar serving home-roasted blended coffee and beer server straight from an original server stemming straight from the early Showa era. This original menu includes low-temperature Napolitan noodles from Asakusa Kaikaro.



Shinjuku Nakamuraya (Indian Curry)

93 years ago, Japan’s first Indian curry was launched. “Shinjuku Nakamuraya” and JR East Japan Foods, an area with over 80 years of Japanese cuisine bring a new style of in-station curry. Experience the evolution of Japanese curry with Indian roots.


Honnoriya Marukome (Rice Balls & Miso Soup Specialty Store)

A collaboration with “Marukome”, a restaurant specializing in rice balls and miso soup. Enjoy set meals where you can choose your favourite miso. Delicious Japanese rice and miso can be found in Tokyo Station.


1F North Passage Food Hall Area

Hitachino Brewing Marunouchi (Craft Beer)

This place offers 10 types of Hitachino Nest Beer, from standard to limited, including the Hitachino Nest Beer White Ale (750 yen) as well as cask-limited beers found only in select stores. Find this Japanese craft beer in Tokyo Station.




A new business produced by chef Masayuki Okuda of “Al Checchiano”, a locally produced restaurant specializing in regional revitalization through food in the Yamagata prefecture. Enjoy dishes using regional ingredients based on the unique “Okuda theory”, special dishes with fresh mushrooms from Yamagata, cream sauce pasta with ham and more.



THE BEAT DINER (American Diner)

With a menu that fuses Japanese essence into authentic hamburgers and “Over Rice”, street food much loved by New Yorkers, The Beat Diner is supervised by Tomohiko Shirane, author of “How to Assemble a Hamburger”.




CITYSHOP Tokyo Station (Salad, Delicatessen, Cafe & Bar)

This delicatessen runs with the motto, “More vegetables, more taste for daily eating.”, with a wide variety of meats, fish, superfoods, grains and spices, enjoy gourmet salads and deli foods here.


1F Central Passage & Atrium Area

Kaminari Tokyo Central Store

The first in-station ramen store “Kaminari”, from the famous store “Chuka Soba Tomita”. A dish with a specially made soup of pork marinated for 20 hours, enjoy Kaminari Soba, found only in Gransta Tokyo.



Tokyo Panino Aromafresca (Panino Bar)

Enjoy hot, crispy panini sandwiches and fresh prosecco imported straight from Italy. Wine is carefully selected and offered in a large glass, pinnacle of fine dining. Purchase the bottle and take it home.



Kinai University Fisheries Research Institute Hanare (Farmed Fish Specialty Shop)

Pioneer of aquaculture, Kinki University is a popular aquaculture specialty store. This store, named  “Hanare” offers a new take on “Kindai-born fish” in which the seedlings produced in Kindai are raised by suppliers nationwide.



Tennenhon Maguro Arisozushi (Sushi)

“Tennenhon Maguro Arisozushi” is a dish containing only natural ingredients, including fresh tuna.  The course offers fresh seasonal ingredients such as Hokuriku’s sweet shrimp and tilefish straight from the Wakasa Prefecture. Enjoy authentic Edomae sushi, made with the freshest ingredients.


Edokiri Sukerokusoba Nurukansato (Soba and Udon)

In addition to carefully selected soba noodles, tempura and sake from all over the country, through around 20 kinds of Michelin-star Japanese cuisine, this restaurant aims to convey the taste of Edo and Japan.


Soba Ni Wa

Enjoy high-quality soba noodles from a store specializing in dashi stock. The signature meal is “Kamo Nanban” a juicy duck dish made right at the store.


Niku Oroshi Kojima (Local Beef, Wagyu Steak)

The first restaurant from Niku Oroshi Kojima, a brand specializing in the wholesale of meat for more than 80 years since its establishment. Enjoy Japanese beef at Tokyo Station, carefully selected by the connoisseurs who know everything there is to know about meat.


Tonkatsu Maisen (Tonkatsu and Danburi)

A special bowl from Maisen includes a tonkatsu bowl so soft it can be cut with chopsticks. Enjoy a wide variety of rice bowls such as Katsudon, Maimoridon and Shio Hirokatsudon, dishes that melt in your mouth.


RF1 SALAD MEAL (Salads, Side Dishes and Bento)

Providing salad meals rich with vegetables to suit the diverse needs and lifestyles of city dwellers. Complete with a mobile order service and cashless cashier for quick and easy shopping in Tokyo Station.


Ekibenya Odori Gransta Tokyo Store (Bento)

This store sells boxed lunches for the train. This in-station store contains popular products and meets the wide needs of all customers of Tokyo Station by installing a mobile order service, the first in-station self-order terminal with foreign languages.



With its head office located in Tochigi Prefecture, this authentic bakery runs on the concept of “Think Local, Eat Local”. The bakery contains over 50 kinds of bread made with carefully selected ingredients.


TOUBEI (Delicatessen & Bento Specialty Shop)

Founded in 1914, this is a new brand by “Aji no Hamato”. With a focus on taste and aesthetic, this restaurant contains nine kinds of healthy Choice Cups with no added preservatives, coloring or chemical seasonings.


Gransta Tokyo

Address: B1F-1F, JR Tokyo Station, 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo

Contact Number: 03-6212-1740