Mizubasho Artist Series sake, made from Ozegahara’s environmental conservation project on the 10th of September 2020

Nagai Sake Brewery in Gunma Prefecture, which exports sake to 40 countries and regions worldwide, will release a new product “Mitsubasho Artist Series Kataoka Tsurutaro” from the 10th of September 2020 with the running concept of environmental conservation in Ozegahara (Oze) in the Gunma Prefecture. As an original sake made for environmental conservation in Oze,…


Delicious Vegetable-only Gyoza is here – introducing Tokyo Vegan Gyoza 1.0!

100% Domestically-grown vegetables – No chemical seasonings – Zero additives REPUBLI9, founded with the mission of “Connecting families through gyoza and wrapping the world with a smile”, has created a vegan dumpling with excellent flavor and nutritional balance. Packed with vegetables and high-quality soybean protein, “Tokyo Vegan Gyoza 1.0” is now on sale. Currently, it…