SUU SUU DELI: Enjoy authentic Thai food at your home

Suu Suu Chaiyoo Co. Ltd, a company that owns 15 stores in Tokyo and Thailand including authentic Thai restaurants such as “Krung Siam”, “Old Thailand”, “Thai Food Laboratory” and “Thai Street Food” can finally be enjoyed at your own home with their online site “Suu Suu Deli.”

The company name, Suu Suu Chaiyoo means “Do your best! Do your best! Hooray!” in Thai. Their fascination with Thai food, Thai people and Thai culture led to their wish to promote Thai culture and food. The Thai food, prepared by a Thai chef, is made with authentic ingredients to bring home the most authentic taste possible.

The online site, “SuU Suu Deli” contains a great selection of dishes. The “Beginners Thai 5 set meal (¥3,000)” contains Stir-fried chicken with basil (Krapow Gai), Green Curry, Tom Yum Kung (200g) and Jasmine Rice.

Next, the “Standard Thai 7 Set Meal (¥5,000) will bring the taste of Thailand straight to your door. It contains “Stir-fried chicken with basil (Krapow Gai), Green Curry, Tom Yum Kung (400g), Talay Pad Phong Curry, Thai Shrimp Fried Rice, Thai Grilled Chicken and their special dressing – Uwan’s Num Yum.

For larger groups of around 5 to 6 people, there is a special course called “The Special Thai Cuisine set (¥10,000) which contains 13 kinds of meals, 16 dishes overall.

“Suu Suu Deli” is delivered frozen so you can better enjoy the freshness of authentic Thai food after thawing in boiled water. For those not looking for set meals, a la carte dishes are also available to order. These include dishes such as the Stir Fried Chicken with Basil (¥680), Green Curry with Chicken (¥680), Talay Pad Phong Curry (¥880) and a wide variety of many more meals.





In February 2022, Suu Suu Chaiyoo has established “Suu Suu Agri”, in Ichihara, Chiba. This is an agricultural venture to grow Thai vegetables to meet demand. In response to various issues such as the soaring rate of import costs for Thai vegetables over the current years, the low food self-sufficiency rate in Japan, and the aging population – particularly agricultural workers – they began an effort to meet the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals.)

Elephant Compost became the focus of their efforts to improve the soil and begin growing vegetables in a safe and secure way with minimal use of fertilizer.

The “Ichihara Elephant Kingdom ” in the Chiba Prefecture is home to the largest number of elephants in Japan. It’s also home to 80 different species of animals. The Ichihara Elephant Country, in order to support Thailand’s tourism industry – which took a hit during the Coronavirus Pandemic – promotes Thailand through a number of different exhibitions about the scenery of Thailand, stories of people who live with elephants and breed elephants. The idea of valuing Thai culture and spreading the rich culture of Thailand to Japan is one that resonates with Suu Suu Chaiyoo – who also developed the menu for the restaurant “Elephant House”, which can be found right in the park of Ichihara Elephant Country.

In collaboration with Ichihara Elephant Country, Suu Suu Chaiyoo were able to grow fresh, healthy Thai vegetables using elephant compost. Fresh Thai vegetables from Ichihara are used in Susu Deli dishes. Bring the authentic taste of Thai food right to your home with Susu Deli and enjoy the rich taste whilst thinking of Thailand – the land of smiles.

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