Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel – Christmas Service and Carols

23rd December(Sunday) & 24th December(Monday)10:30am~/5pm~

A Christmas Service and Carols will be held at the Cerulean Tower Church in Shibuya on Sunday the 23rd of December and Monday the 24th of December. The Christmas service will be held at the the Cerulean Tower Church located on the lobby floor of The Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel, after which guests are invited to join the Christmas carols on the main lobby floor which is decorated by the Christmas tree. There is no entry fee as everyone is invited to join the first part beginning at 10:30am with the second part beginning around 5pm for approximately 45 minutes.

This service is an annual service provided by the Cerulean Tower Church, an independent church built of stone which stands solid in a quiet courtyard of its own. The message of the Christmas service this year is “Gift from the wise”. A message intended to bring joy and light to the hearts of all those participating in this service. Enjoy the beautiful music of the service, accompanied by the sounds of an organ, cello, trumpets and a choir of the voices of 3 men and 3 women in what is only a melodious and harmonious mix of sound.


The Christmas carols, taking place in the beautifully decorated lobby, will be accompanied with live performances from the choir, organ and cello. Guests are invited to enjoy the moment of pure calm, with hymns and voices rising high up into the heavens.

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