The Grand Opening of Shibuya Scramble East Building! Introducing the 17 restaurants of FOODIES SCRAMBLE!

The new landmark, Shibuya Scramble Square, is a brand new building with 47 floors and a direct connection to Shibuya station, set to open on the 1st of November 2019. The 45th floor holds the rooftop observation facility “SHIBUYA SKY” whereas the 17th to 45th floors all contain offices. The 15th floor is an industrial exchange facility “SHIBUYA QWS” and lining the 2nd to 14th floor are commercial facilities.

The commercial facility, modelled with the vision of a selection of the “worlds best”, there are a total of 212 shops and restaurants including 7 of which are the first of their kind in Japan, 45 of which are the first to open in the Shibuya area and 37 of which are entirely new businesses. From the 2nd to 1st underground floors are a variety of shops, mainly selling food such as the popular patisserie from France “MORI YOSHIDA”, the first of its kind in Japan and a bakery “Thierry Marx la Boulangerie” manned by a chef who has been awarded with 5 Michelin stars. “TOKYU Foodshow Edge” and the Ekinaka commercial facility “ecute EDITION” specialise in seasonal sweets and the new grocery store “Gourmand Market KINOKUNIYA” is also located here.

The third floor hosts international luxury brands such as Givenchy and Tiffany@ Shibuya Scramble Square as well as “scai” the collection brand from Japan. On the 2nd, 4th to 9th floors are popular selection and fashion brand shops like TOMORROWLAND and United Arrows.

The 10th, 11th and 14th floors are home to NHK Plus Cross SHIBUYA, a place where one is invited to experience the world of NHK which has evolved into a “public media” including digital experiences and radio recordings. The TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE features a shared lounge with Tokyu Hands for those with a natural inclination to intellectual curiosity. The restaurant floor, known as FOODIES SCRAMBLE features 17 stores on the 12th and 13th floor. This area includes a first for Japan, José Luis, a popular Spanish restaurant in Madrid. New cuisines unique to Shibuya are also available including “CARAVAN TOKYO”, the first Arab/Mediterranean restaurant in Tokyo to offer craft beer.



The 12th and 13th floor are lined with 17 restaurants.

12th Floor

Gu-O by ginza aster [Chinese cuisine]

The pinnacle of high-class Chinese cuisine, Seiyu soup, matched “Toromi Nabe” that is made with seasonal incredients, brings out a colorful variety of flavors. This bound with high-quality tapas, mixed with the beating heart of Japanese flavors and Chinese tea with a large variety of carefully selected flavors, Gu-O is a fun and relaxing space with an exciting blend of Chinese cuisine. (Table: 69 seats)


Kushinobo (Fried Skewers)

Traditional skewering founded in 1950 at Osaka Hozenji is served together with special wines such as brewed wine, sake and shochu courtesy of the store owner who has been all around the world. (37 seats, 24 tables, 13 counters)




Sushi Matsue 

Matsue is a long-established sushi restaurant, based in Ebisu for over 50 years. It offers high-quality sushi with carefully selected seafood from Toyosu, Hokkaido and Kyushu markets. It also offers a lunch course at a reasonable price and the Omakase course which features seasonal sashimi. To be enjoyed with sake, shochu and wine, all compatible with sushi. (34 seats: 10 counter seats, 12 table seats, 4 semi-private rooms with 3 seats)




Dynamic teppanyaki in an open kitchen setting. Relax at the table with a candle and mellow atmosphere or enjoy the liveliness of the counter seat where you can enjoy a true sense of realism right before your eyes. Special ingredients are prepared alongside selected high-quality Japanese black beef and Ise shrimp straight from the Toyosu Market. (80 seats: 70 tables, 10 counters)




Moheji (Monja/Service a la carte)

Managed by a well-known fish wholesaler that has been running for 150 years since the Nihonbashi Fish Market. “Tsukishima Monja Moheji”, the popular chain in Tsukishima sends a special and, until now, unheard of brand of monja using a special French taste to the Shibuya area. In additional to the traditional Tsukishima style, the Tokyo specialty Monja which was born in the Edo period, is offered as well with a revolutionary twist, created by French chefs. (97 seats: table 66 seats, counter 19 seats, private room table 12 seats)




Hanwarai (Soba)

The famous Shibuya and Jingu-mae based restaurant “Tamasho” opens for the first time in a commercial facility. The “Michelin Guide Tokyo” shop offers authentic soba noodles not only to Japan but also to the rest of the world. On top of this, Shojin Soba has been added to the menu to meet diverse needs. The interior design provides a hearty meal with a unique, rustic sort of space complete with a one of a kind mud wall designed by architect Kengo Kuma and plasterer Shuhei Sasato. (17 seats: 7 tables, 10 seats at the counter)





The concept of this place is to maximize the deliciousness of beef and lobster. Using trendy and carefully selected ingredients, dishes are carefully prepared with a special focus on each dish. Topped off with the finest selection of Italian wines to create a perfect marriage with delicious foods, this place is one of a kind. (41 seats)


CARAVVAN TOKYO (Arabian/Mediterranean Cuisine and Craft Beer) 

CARVAAN’s Arabic and Mediterranean cuisine is the source of current Western European cuisine and is currently the most notable food culture in the world for its history, beauty and health benefits. In-house craft beer, Black sea Mediterranean and Arabian wines are offered with a stunning view of Arabian decorations.  The oldest, cross-cultural and extraordinary Arabian world expands in this restaurant. (80 seats: 64 seats at the table, 16 seats at the counter)

Shabu-Shabu Tsukada 

A new store with a design style overseen by Kashiwa Sato. The shabu-shabu and sukiyaki cuisine here is made with carefully selected ingredients. This place provides delicious vegetables alongside a selection of beef, pork and duck full of flavor. (60 seats: 12 tables/48 counters)


13th Floor

José Luis (Spanish Cuisine)

Founded in 1957, “Jose Luis” well loved in Spain, landed in Japan for the first time. A new style of Spanish cuisine which combines the traditional Spanish cuisine with Japanese ingredients. History was made in Shibuya when this restaurant broke through using Japanese food and techniques selected by Jose Luis traditional tortillas and paella. (63 seats)


La Coquina Cerveceria (Spanish Cuisine)

A casual Spanish restaurant where one can enjoy the bar casually as well as a solid meal. The restaurant provides a fresh variety of shellfish for each season, either steamed or baked. Enjoy paella and soup with shellfish. (84 seats: 78 tables, 6 private rooms x 1 room)


Aritsuki (Motsunabe/Hakata Teppanyaki)

Motsunabe is made from the fresh small intestine of domestic cows. There are five types of soup, white, red, gold, silver and flame. “White Motsunabe” is based with white miso and features a soup that blends several types of miso, mixing rich taste and scent. The sweetness of the motsu and vegetables melt together with the scent of garlic and sesame oil specifically designed to call out to your appetite. (57 seats: table 49 seats, counter 8 seats)


Tachimoni Tempura Tentora (Standing Bar & Tempura)

“Tachimoni Tempura” is a traditional Japanese food culture which is steadily developing into an old, new, slightly strange and cool style where a wide range of people come together at the counter. Carefully selected oils, dressing and ingredients offers a low-calorie, healthy tempura with a mariage of fine wine straight from Portugal, the origin of tempura. (50 spaces)



UDON NOODLE Brasserie 

A specialty udon restaurant boasting a unique, carefully finished texture of udon. A variety of authentic Japanese dishes and sake as well as all-day dining is offered in a space where one can enjoy a relaxed dinner or a private party. (101 seats)


Din Tai Fung (Taiwanese Dim Sum)

In 1993 Din Tai Fung was chosen by the New York Times as one of the 10 most popular restaurants in the world. This particular chain provides customers with the taste of the main Taipei store located in Taiwan. (88 seats; 82 tables, 6 counters)


PASTA HOUSE AWkitchen Figlia (Italian)

This homemade raw pasta offers a rich flavor. The pasta, finely tuned over the years, continues to aim for a delicious taste and is combined with vegetables from all over the country. 13 years since its establishment, AWkitchen’s history can be felt through the variety of vegetable and pasta dishes that continue to evolve and improve through time. (56 seats)



Tamachan (Okonomiyaki)

With its opening in Shibuya marks the fifth of its kind in Japan, this is a restaurant that offers special, unique dishes such as “Tamachan Deluxe Grill” and “Teppan Hormone Grill” along with Korean side dishes such as chapche and namul. In addition, “Tamachan de Raclette” is offered only in this store with fluffy okonomiyaki topped with piping hot raclette cheese. (62 seats)


Shibuya Scramble Square

Address: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya 2-chome, 24-12-12 B2-14

Business hours: Product sales / service (2nd to 11th floors, 14th floor) 10 am-9pm ◇ Restaurant floor “FOODIES SCRAMBLE” 12th floor 11 am-11pm / 13th floor 11 am-0am * Business hours vary


Shibuya Scramble Square: Source Shibuya Station block building company