Nihonbashi Takashimaya SC grand opening on 25th September 2018!

Nihonbashi, an area which has prospered as the starting point of Tokaido since the Edo period, sees a fresh new change in the establishment of Takashimaya. Located just adjacent to the main building, established in 1933 and designated as an important cultural asset, the new annex offers 115 brand new speciality stores and business, a first for Japan, opened on September 25th.

With the main target range of the morning hours being those in their 30’s to 40’s, stores such as the yoga studio ‘libéry Yoga conditioning by TIPNESS’ and bakery ‘365 days Nihonbashi’ will open at 7:30am to cater for those looking to pop in before work. The underground floor contains food, 1st floor is for groceries and miscellaneous goods. 2nd floor is fashion, 3rd floor contains fashion, miscellaneous goods and a café. The 4th floor contains the yoga studio and other services, the 5th floor is fashion, miscellaneous goods and a café. The 6th floor and the 7th floor both contain restaurants.
The rooftop garden ‘Nihonbashi Green Terrace’ (tentative name) currently being constructed on the eastern rooftop is slated to be the largest rooftop garden in the city. The garden is set to be completed in the spring of 2019.

We here at JSELECT will introduce the restaurants on the 6th and 7th floor.

Picoti Picota / Le Petit Bonheur (6th Floor)

Picoti Picota is an open-interior French café supervised by Michelin Star chef, Toru Hayakawa. With a menu focussed on egg dishes and galette, the café offers a range of photogenic dishes such as the bouquet salad.
The bar counter adjacent to this café is Le Petit Bonheur. The menu is also a French bistro-style, also handled by chef Hayakawa.

The atmosphere of this restaurant is calming and relaxing. Dinner courses start from ¥3,400.

With its casual and relaxed atmosphere, Picoti Picota and Le Petit Bonheur is perfect for dates and important events.

Katsukichi (6th Floor)

Katsukichi is a tonkatsu (cutlet) specialty restaurant, established in Nihonbashi about 60 years ago. With four establishments in Hibiya, Marunouchi, Shibuya and Nihonbashi, they are built using natural wood. Tables made of solid Japanese zelkova wood, antique beams and pillars as well as antique valuables on display gives off the air and warmth of a real traditional Japanese household.

The sake cups on display are all made of Imari porcelain, not unlike that of the traditional sort seen in museums. Customers are welcome to enjoy these antiques with their cutlets.

Every morning, only the highest quality pork is carefully selected, thinly sliced and glazed to the highest possible degree of quality before cooking in 100% high nutritious value fresh corn oil, simmered at a low heat and finally thoroughly fried, bringing out the taste of the meat to the highest degree.

This traditional recipe is carefully protected by skilful chefs who combine the Katsukichi flavor with rice sprinkled with perilla leaves, the soup stock taken from Haccho miso soup and plenty of vegetables.
Relish the original flavor straight from this unique Nihonbashi restaurant.

Kogentey (6th Floor)

Kogentey provides a unique experience where only the finest ingredients selected by a master chef combines the taste of ‘Katsube Wagyu’ straight from the Shimane prefecture and beef from Kobe through the medium of teppanyaki.
Areas such as the VIP room, private rooms and the teppanyaki counter are luxuriously furnished, ideal for high class entertaining and dining.

There is no doubt at all that any overseas guest will not be impressed with this restaurant. In addition to the highest quality of meat, this restaurant also offers seasonal seafood meals such as abalone and fresh lobsters.
With a wide selection of courses such as ‘The Illusion Wagyu Course’, ‘Abalone and Wagyu Beef Steak Course’, ‘Lobster and Wagyu Beef Steak Course’, ‘Highest Quality Kobe Beef Course’, and the ‘Halal Wagyu Beef Course’ this restaurant guarantees satisfaction for each and every single customer.

Asian Bistro Dai (7th Floor)

With open terrace seating, up to 170 seats and a wide variety of counter seats and private rooms, Asian Bistro Dai gives off the air of a private Asian resort.

Asian Bistro Dai offers a range of dishes such as homemade dim sum made using bean paste, Asian soul foods such as satay, gapao rice, this restaurant offers a true range of ethnic meals in a casual atmosphere.
A large variety of items are offered in conjunction with the meals provided here such as fresh oysters found in Thai-style cocktail sauces, grilled chicken (Kai yang), Kuroge Wagyu steak, Tapas, Thai-styled green curry, satay, dim sum and Vietnamese Pho dishes among other such recommended meals from the menu.

Nihonbashi Takashimaya
2-4-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo