Japan Special Fireworks Displays in 2020

The rainy season is over and the summer heat is in full swing. The year 2020 has already seen the cancellation of many summer fireworks festivals. It is said, originally the tradition of yearly fireworks began during the “Kyoho Famine”. Prices rose due to the famine and epidemics such as cholera had become epidemic. It is said, the fireworks displays began when the 8th general of Edo, Yoshimune Tokugawa, held a water god festival in Ryogoku to pray for the dead and dispel the plague. In this summer, still plagued by COVID-19, the firework display is a symbolic way to remember those we’ve lost and decorate the sky in brilliant color. The fireworks display is scheduled to be held in the summer of 2020. *As of August 6th 2020. Please check the official site for further updates as changes may occur depending on the virus situation.

11th Bankei Summer Fireworks Festival (Hokkaido)
8th August 2020 (Sat) 19:30~20:00
Location: 410 Bankei Ski Area, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Sounkyo Onsen Summer Fireworks(Hokkaido)
1st August 2020 (Sat)~15th (Sat) 20:30~
Location: 605 Chuo-cho, Kamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido Mori no Terrace Nupuri

39th Lake Toya Long Run Fireworks Festival (Hokkaido)
1st July 2020 (Wed)~31st October (Sat)20:45~21:05
Location: Lake Toya, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido Lake Toya Onsen

Izu-Taga Onsen Maritime Fireworks Festival (Shizuoka)
12th August 2020 (Wed) 20:20~20:40
Location: Nagahama Seaside Park, North Breakwater
Hyakuhachitairyuu Lantern Festival:16th August 2020 (Sunday)
19:30~: Lantern Event、20:00~: Bonfire Event

Iki Island Hometown Fireworks (Nagasaki)
13th August 2020 (Thurs) 20:00~21:00
Venue: Bentenzaki Park, 2179-9 Shihara Nanatsu, Gonoura Town, Iki City, Nagasaki Prefecture

Lagunasia Fireworks Spectacle FLAME (Aichi)
11th August 2020 (Tue)~15th (Sat)20:45~
A fireworks show to watch as you enter the night pool. A performance of flames, magnificent fireworks decorate the night skies with the sounds of techno and rock, lighting, fountains and laser effects make this one unforgettable night.
Location: Laguna Ten Bosch Lagunasia, 2-3 Kaiyo-cho, Gamagori-shi, Aichi

Fireworks Every Night in Amatsukominato (Chiba)
1st August 2020 (Sat)~20th (Thurs) 20:00~20:15
Location: Kominato Fishing Port, 182-15 Kominato, Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture

Toba City’s Nightly Summer Fireworks (Mie)
1st August 2020 (Sat)~20th (Thurs) 20:30~(About 5 minutes) 
Obama:1st August 2020 (Sat)~4th (Tues)
Arashima:5th August (Weds)~8th (Sat)
Sadahama:9th August (Sun)~15th (Sat)
Obama:16th August (Sun)~20th (Thurs)
From the 13th to the 15th of August, the show runs from 20:30 for about 10 minutes. From the 16th to 20th of August, it will run for 3 about minutes.

Night Spectacle 「Estival Festival ~ Midsummer Festival ~」(Mie)
23rd July 2020 (Thurs)~26th (Sun)、1st August (Sat)~23rd (Sun)
A powerful image is projected on the three buildings facing the Plaza de Cibeles. Clap your hands in time to the rhythm and immerse yourself in the projection. You’re invited to a festival of light and music traversing festivals around the world.
Location: 952-4 Shimoyama, Sakazaki, Isobe Town, Shima City, Mie Prefecture Shima Spain Village

Shirosaki Onsen Summer Story 2020 Firework Dreams (Hyogo)
17th August 2020 (Mon)~30th (日)21:00~21:05 
※To be held on the 17th to the 21st of August. Then the 24th to the 28th. Final show on the 30th.
Location: Yushima, Kinosaki Town, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture

Katayamazu Onsen Noryo Fireworks Festival(Ishikawa)
1st August 2020 (Sat)~31st (Mon)21:00~
In the summer of Katayamazu Onsen, large, colorful fireworks paint the night skies every night. “The Noryo Fireworks Festival” where fireworks are launched from the barges of the lake, will run right through the month of August. In Katayamazu, enjoy the unique view from Yumoto Park, where the fireworks are reflected in the lake.
Place: Katayamazu Town, Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture

Starlight Illusion 2020・Summer Children Special(Wakayama)
9th August 2020 (Sun)、13th (Thurs)~15th (Sat)、20:00~20:10
20th September 2020 (Sun)、21th (Sun・Public Holiday) September times: 19:30~19:40
Using the latest technology, experience a collaboration of music and fireworks, where the fireworks are launched in time to the music. Enjoy the breathtaking show of fireworks, light and sound. Fireworks in August are held as a special event in GW, popular children’s anime music among others will accompany the fireworks show.
Place: Wakayama Marina City West Breakwater

Senshu Dream Fireworks(Osaka)
3rd October 2020 (Sat)・4th (Sun) 20:00~20:45
The only large-scale fireworks display to be held in the Kansai area in the summer of 2020. Enjoy the comparison of fireworks from the east to the ones in the west. The first day (October 3rd) will showcase a never-before-seen display of “Fireworks Fantasia” developed with cutting-edge technology designed to sync fireworks in 1/30 second units with music. Experience a first ever in Senshu Dream Fireworks.

The second day (October 4th) will showcase a unique experience to kansai where traditional Japanese fireworks will combine with modern fireworks to create a lively and unforgettable show. Stimulate the five senses with a show that will continue to surprise.

Place: Tarui Southern Beach, Rinku Minamihama, Sennan City, Osaka Prefecture