Medical and Life Insurance for Business Track & Residence Track in Japan

VIVA MED EX-16 (Medical & Life Insurance w/ Emergency Plan for Short Stays in Japan)

When foreigners enter or re-enter into Japan, they need to take a two-week self-quarantine due to the COVID-19. MED EX-16 is the insurance plan ideal for those with short stay in Japan for tourism, business and training.

VIVA MED EX-16 is a convenient medical and life insurance plan for foreigners coming to Japan with a period of stay of up to 16 days only. It covers up to 100% of actual medical fees for illness and injury including hospitalization at an affordable premium. It also includes emergency insurance which covers costs to fly-in a  relative from the home country in an emergency situation. The insurance fee has great cost performance and starts from a very reasonable ¥2,500 (age 18-34).

  • Medical insurance covers up to 800,000 yen in actual medical fees for illness and injury including hospitalization.
  • Emergency insurance covers up to 1million yen to fly-in a relative from the home country.
  • Emergency insurance pays a priority amount of 200,000 yen in advance for urgent expenses.
  • Life insurance plan that covers up to 1million yen in the event of death.
  • Persons from ages 1 to 65 years old can purchase the plan.
  • For applicants under 15 years old, parent or accompanying adult over 18 years old must also apply for insurance.
  • Term of Contract: 16 days effective from entering in Japan

* This plan is not applicable to foreigners already arrived in Japan.
* In case you apply individually, the fee must be paid one day before entry to Japan.
* Emergency insurance is not applicable to persons under 18 years of age.
* The amount of coverage and premium are different depending on term of contract and age of the applicant. Please check and confirm before applying.

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