WA NO KA® – Fragrance conveys the heart and beauty of Japan

Promotool Corporation is a pioneer in the scent business in Japan, calling itself the Nioi Company® (the Scent Company) that spreads beautiful fragrances and scents  around the world. As a total producer of fragrances, they are a professional group that creates scents that can meet everymarket need.








They have been providing fragrances for business use to many companies and facilities for many years. In the summer of 2020, they opened an online store to sell original products developed using their experience and know-how.

The product that became the symbol of the online store is WA NO KA®.

WA NO KA®  is a Japan Scent created by the exclusive perfumer of Promotool to express the heart and beauty of Japan. Please enjoy WA NO KA® created by one of Japan’s leading perfumers.

Available https://www.promotool.jp/store/ their online store.






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