Instagenic Foods

Instagram is a mobile, desktop internet-based photo sharing application and
service that allows users to share pictures and videos either publicly, or privately to pre-approved followers. Recently “Instagram” has become very popular in Japan. The buzzword “Insta-Bae” means “Instagenic (Instagram+photogenic)” in Japanese, photogenic pictures that get many likes on Instagram. “Insta-Bae” has been picked as the buzzword-of-the-year for 2017 in Japan.

Wining & Dining in Tokyo has chosen several “Instagenic” food pics to share with you!

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Situated in the bustling Otemachi financial district, Heinz Beck Tokyo brings the talents of its namesake Michelin-starred chef to Tokyo. Overlooking the Imperial Palace outer walls and moat, the restaurant sits on the mezzanine floor of the Nissay Marunouchi Garden Tower and offers a quiet respite from the chaos of the city.


Entering the restaurant guests will immediately be transported back 400 years to the Edo Period as the space is reminiscent of a traditional sushi stand from that time. The space is decorated with Edo-style furniture, including screens, ukiyoe and sake casks. Tiered box table seats, much like seating in a Kabuki theater, surround a large sushi counter that is more stage than kitchen, with the talented chefs the stars of the show.

“Rainbow Sushi”

“Edo Tower”

“Ikura Sushi Fisherman’s Style”

Fummy’s Grill

With a history dating back more than 20 years, Fummy’s is a pioneer of Californian in Tokyo. California cuisine is a style that stands out for embracing fusion cuisine, integrating different cooking styles and ingredients from various cuisines, while using fresh local ingredients.


The INNOCENT CARVERY, an uncluttered and clean space, is his vehicle to promote the very best of premium Japanese beef. Exclusive courses are available where diners can enjoy different carefully selected brands and cuts of wagyu so they can compare brands, cuts and flavors.

“King of Kimchi”




Kumsan Seoul

“Cheese Takkarubi”

Shabutsu Yoshinosasa

Shabutsu Yoshinosasa is a stylish cozy Japanese shabu-shabu restaurant, having spaciousness with a high ceiling and large windows overlooking a panoramic view of Ginza and Marunouchi, it is a perfect venue for business meetings and gatherings. Inheriting a tradition of a long-established Shabu-Shabu restaurant “Ginza Shabutsu” with 40-year-history in Ginza, Yoshinosasa create a new cooking method “Steamed Shabu-Shabu”.

Steamed Shabu-Shabu


Roll Ice Cream Factory is a famous ice cream shop that opened in Harajuku in 2017. Rolled ice cream, also known as “ice cream rolls” is a hand-made ice cream dessert prepared with milk poured on an iced grill, that can be paired with fruit or different ingredients. Around 2011 the ice cream became more popular in Thailand and began to spread to other countries such as Malaysia, and Cambodia in 2012. Ice cream rolls eventually gained worldwide attention in 2015 from viral internet videos. Roll Ice Cream Factory is the first shop that brings New York style rolled ice cream to Japan recently opening their second and third branches in Osaka.