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When you first arrived in Japan, you might have experienced many challenges in your daily life, some of which related to language or culture. Even when starting learning the language and taking your first steps in Japans society, you might still find obstacles, like finding a nice apartment, issuing a card and looking for your first job. With more than 215,000 registered users from 226 countries, YOLO JAPAN can help you through the important steps of your life in Japan.

Enrich your life in Japan, with YOLO JAPAN services.


Japans biggest media portal for foreigners, YOLO WORK, is updated every day with new part-time and full-time opportunities to find your perfect job in Japan. Search through more than 700 jobs, create your resume and get scouted by companies. The site is supported in English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Portuguese.

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When you arrive in Japan, you will need a phone number and internet data for almost everything in your daily life. With YOLO MOBILE, the data SIM tailored for foreigners in Japan, you can choose the most fitting plan, and with no binding contracts or cancellation fee, it is convenient for all visa holders.

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In Japan, it can be hard to open a bank account and obtain a credit card. YOLO JAPAN offers you YOLO CARD, a post-paid card you can also top-up and use at stores and for your online shopping. Since it does not require document reviews or a bank account, you can easily obtain it with the process supported in six languages. 

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Have you ever experienced issues in finding an apartment in Japan? YOLO HOME, the rental housing information site, features only foreign-friendly properties, so you can be sure to find your perfect home in the Kanto, Kansai and Kyushu areas. Refine your search with no guarantor or students welcome or use our newest second-home appliance set service for added convenience.  

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We also have other services and we run campaigns every month, so be sure to frequently check our YOLO site for updates.

At YOLO JAPAN, we work to create a society where Japanese and foreign nationals can coexist and thrive together. 

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