Special Spring-Cleaning Promotion with Sunny Maid Service!

English-Speaking Maid and Housekeeping Service, Special discount for Afternoon services.                  Promotion period: March-May 2023

Are you searching for Japanese housekeeping service to let go of some of your house cleaning duties?

SUNNY MAID SERVICE – Each housecleaning session is carried by a pair of Filipino housekeeping experts. An English-speaking manager visit for the initial consultation and assess your needs and cleaning desires. By contracting a Regular plan, you may receive more flexible and tailored services that meet your exact needs.

Spring-Cleaning Promotion – special price for the first service of Regular plan

Do not miss this limited offer. Just make reservation any time after noon with a “Trial plan,” priced at just ¥7,800 (include transportation fee and tax) for the first service.

  • Packaged cleaning services: Kitchen, bath, wash basin and bathroom cleanings
  • Highly efficient service in a short amount of time, serviced by a housekeeping duo
  • Able to accomplish 2 hours of cleaning in 1 hour.

* If you are not satisfied, you may terminate your contract after using the first service with no cancellation fee. Standard terms and conditions are applied after the second service.

Service Areas

Tokyo / Kanagawa / Osaka* / Hyogo

* Osaka City, Toyonaka City, Ikeda City, Mino City only                                                                                                        Except for outlying islands, certain mountainous regions, and distant areas. Depending on your address and reservation status, they may adjust the time of visit or cannot guarantee the visiting time and day.

Available services

Customized service to meet your needs: Surface cleaning, laundry and ironing, bed making, vacuuming and floor cleaning, garden cleaning (weeding/watering) and helping to pack/unpack for moving.

Click here for the promotion details and reservation or directly call our English speaking office! 

Sunny Maid Tokyo-Yokohama store: 03-6706-4197 (Office: 9:30am – 6:00pm, Monday-Sunday)

Sunny Maid Osaka-Kobe store: 06-4400-1074                     (Office: 9:30am – 6:00pm, Monday-Sunday)