Takeaway & Delivery! Enjoy the Taste of Restaurants at Home in Japan

J SELECT Magazine features takeaway, delivery and mail order services.

Lots of vegetables and grill dishes from Sizzler

Sizzler is offering a take-away set which includes fresh salad, deli salad, grilled dish, bread and famous cheese toast for 3 to 4 people to enjoy Sizzler at home. Salad Bar at home set includes 1.4kg of deli and salad. Available at the 9 branches below. Please make a reservation in advance by phone call.

【How to Order】Reservation by phone or at the restaurant.
Shinjuku Mitsui Building: 03-3342-5814, Sakura-Shinmachi: 03-3705-4919, Aqua City Odaiba: 03-3599-4534, Tokyo Dome Hotel: 03-5840-7331, Tokyo International Forum: 03-3211-2205, Mitaka: 0422-36-0021, Fuchu: 042-336-8162, Otsuka: 03-3918-2177, Landmark Plaza: 045-222-5316

Authentic Thai dishes at home from Suu-Suu-Deli

SUU・SUU・CHAIYOO; which runs Kurung Siam and Thai Street Foo, launched the mail-order website “SUU・SUU Deli”! You can order authentic Thai dishes prepared by Thai chef and enjoy real Thai food at home. They deliver a wide variety of reasonably priced dishes such as Thai stir-fried minced pork with basil (¥680), Tom Yum Goong (¥780) and Chicken Green Curry (¥680). Uber Eats delivery and takeaway from restaurants is also available.

【How to Order】Suu-Suu-Deli Website https://suusuudeli.com/

High Quality Wagyu and Sukiyaki from Yonezawagyu OHKI

With two stores in Ginza and Tokyo Station, you can now enjoy the taste of “Yonezawagyu OHKI” at home thanks to their new online ordering system. Yonezawa Beef Steak Kaiseki (¥14,800) – A platter of 6 beef slices ranging from deep red to elegantly marbled! It is a pleasing offering where you can enjoy comparing the different cuts. Yonezawa Beef Sukiyaki Hotpot (¥1,300) – A set of meat and vegetables served with Ohki’s original miso sauce.

【How to Order】Yonezawagyu OHKI Website https://o-ki.co.jp/

Authentic Edema Sushi from Itamar Sushi

Itamae Sushi start delivery service from Demae-kas, Uber Eats and FineDine. Diners can also order at restaurants for takeaway and delivery service. Itamae Sushi can deliver a variety of dishes such as nigiri sushi, assort of nigiri sushi, rolll sushi, rice bowl and miso soup. Recommended are Fresh Bluefin Tuna Sushi Set (¥3,002), Raw Tuna with Green Onion Bow (¥1,274) and Assortment of Raw Fish BOX (¥3,024). *Prices include tax. Prices shown are for takeaway or direct delivery from the restaurant. 

【How to Order】Itamae Sushi Delivery Website  https://itamae.co.jp/delivery/

Churrasco at home from Barbacoa

Churrasco restaurant Barbacoa offers Take-Away & Delivery menu. Churrasco Family Set for 3~4 people (¥7,000) includes Picanha 250g, Alcatra 250g, Sirloin  300g, Sausage 2 pieces, Chicken 3 pieces, big salad and Pao de Queijo. Barbacoa also offers only churasco menu shah as Picanha (250g/¥1,800)、Sirloin (300g/¥2,500) as well as Barbacoa Steak Sandwich with fried potato 180g (¥1,500).

【How to Order】Reservation by phone, at the restaurant or online. http://barbacoa.jp/share/images/pdf/takeout_link.pdf