The new Tokyu Plaza Shibuya Grand Opening on December 5! Introducing 18 new restaurants!

■ A total of 69 stores aimed at Urban Connoisseurs 

It’s said that once every 100 years, Shibuya station undergoes major reconstruction. Under the concept of a “Shibuya for adults” the new Tokyu Plaza Shibuya opens in the west exit of the station on the 5th of December 2019. The keywords for the stores gathered in this area include “Food”, “Beauty”, “Lifestyle” and “Hobby”. The rooftop garden SHIBU NIWA and accompanying restaurant CÉ LA VI land on the 17th floor, a first for Japan. On the 5th floor, under the concept of “Shibuya life lounge” comes the café Pepper PARLOUR, the first café managed by Softbank Robotics with a brand new style of service.

The 2nd to 4th floors hold a number of gems guaranteed to satisfy adults who are particular about health, mind and body in the form of well-established brands nationwide opening for the first time in Shibuya. The 6th and 7th floors hold the “Shibuya Grand Shokudo” with a lineup of various restaurants catered for different moods and events. This article will focus on food and the 18 restaurants opening in the Tokyu Shibuya Plaza.

17F・18F:The sky rooftop garden CÉ LA VI, an international hub for adults

The rooftop garden SHIBU NIWA boasts a panoramic view of the city and Shibuya Scramble and in the entertainment restaurant CÉ LA VI comes a variety of international restaurants landing for the first time in Japan including “Marina Bay Sands” from Singapore and others from countries such as Taiwan, France’s Saint-Tropez, Hong Kong, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Dubai.

The cafe and bar BAO by CÉ LA VI and CÉ LA VI CLUB LOUNGE are opening on the 17th floor with fine dining restaurant CÉ LA VI RESTAURANT & SKY BAR opening on the 18th floor. Designed for those with luxurious tastes, it includes an outdoor area where guests may enjoy the scenery of Shibuya with the nights entertainment.










Through the use of fresh meats, vegetables and seafood, innovative Asian cuisine is guaranteed to fascinate guests. The dishes are inspired by various countries and use spices that are rare in Japan, you will feel as if you are experiencing multiple Asian countries. All this with the superb view from the SKY BAR for a more luxurious experience.



For more casual dining, BAO specialises in things like Asian burger and sweets, its the first business from CÉ LA VI. If the weather is nice, you can also take it out and enjoy it on the terrace.


Rooftop Garden

6F・7F:Shibuya Grand Shokudo Restaurant Floor with Shibuya 

The 6th floor contains 13 stores available for adults in Shibuya. Famous stores, loved by many in the former Tokyu Plaza Shibuya, have been revived along with many new stores landing for the first time in Tokyo and Shibuya. On the 7th floor, famous restaurants gathered in a relaxed space designed to help guests enjoy their meal and time at their own pace. Five restaurants, including carefully selected restaurants that provide special meals such as three-generation dinners and corporate meals like “Kyoto Saito” a Kyoto-born soup shabu shabu provided in a first-class area in Tokyo with a sophisticated and modern Japanese dining area. An open space connecting the 6th and 7th floors is called “GRAND SESSION” where a bar and music lounge will be opened to allow for entertainment alongside meals.



6F Shibuya Grand Shokudo

Handmade Soba Takenouchi

Used with only the best soba grains from contracted farmers and grinded every day with a mortar in the store. This restaurant provides the best homemade soba, fresh from craftsmen who keep a steady eye on the soba noodles of the day.

OSAKA Kitchen (Teppanyaki)

This popular teppanyaki/okonomiyaki restaurant, specialising in the taste of authentic Osaka, was selected by the Michelin Guide Tokyo Bib Gourmand. Iron plate counter seats are provided where you can experience both the taste but also the dynamic craftsmanship right before your eyes.


Pizza and Italian Meat OTTIMO VITA [Italian Cuisine]

This restaurant offers Napoli Pizza made from an award winning Makishima chef who won the Napoli Pizza World Championships. The restaurant also offers juicy bistecca alla Fiorentina served in a large plate with antipasto to share.

Kagoshima Cuisine Maruman (Japanese Cuisine)

The original Momoyaki Maruman has had a history of over 50 years in Kagoshima. It offers a special dish with local chicken known as Freerange Momoyaki along with fish, vegetables, pork and fruit dishes all grown and bred locally. Special Kagoshima shochu and sake along with the Maruman original shochu is also offered here.

Sasagure Tsukiji Tama Sushi

Established in 1996, this is an edo-mae sushi restaurant that sticks to tradition. A new type of Edo style sushi combines fully organic rice “sasagure” and fresh ingredients. This restaurant aims for warmth and comfort, designed to be enjoyed by all generations and various occasions.


Kyoto Uji Fujii Meien (Tea Ceremony)

Kyoto Uji Fujii Tea Garden has a history of over 480 years in Uji, Kyoto. Here you can experience a wide variety of flavors, high-quality tea leaves, nurtured in the traditional tea garden, are available with the sweetness of other flavors such as Uji Matcha tea.


Pure Western and Sweets Parlour (Western Cuisine & Parlour)

A relaxed area fusing modernity and tradition with traditional western meals like soft tan stew and sweets a la mode. Chef Toba of Yoyogi Uehara’s famous French restaurant oversees the ingredients and cooking methods for this restaurant.

Salon Oeuf et Moi (Egg Cuisine)

This restaurant specializes in various dishes utilizing eggs such as soufflé omelette, pancakes and desserts. Topped with a relaxing space with tables and sofas, guests are guaranteed a relaxing and luxurious experience.


Kuroge Wagyu Bar Koshizuka 

The “Tartare Hamburger” made with 100% fresh Japanese wagyu beef with salt and pepper is a limited item. This restaurant offers a variety of meat based dishes like steak, roast beef and corned beef among others to be enjoyed alongside craft beer.

Unagi Shibuya Matsukawa (Eel Dishes)

“Shibuya Matsukawa”, loved by many in the former “Tokyu Plaza Shibuya” is being revived. Skilled craftsmen will provide guests with grilled rice that is carefully prepared for each order. Private rooms are available to suit needs for entertainment and banquets.


Tonkatsu Ton-Q 

This tonkatsu restaurant utilizes Japan’s leading brands such as Shirokane Pork and Yamato Pork. All of the five dishes provided (tonkatsu, cabbage, pickled vegetables, rice and miso soup) are specially handmade. You’ll want to go to this place more than once.


Duo Italian (Ramen) 

“Duo Italian” was featured in “Michelin Guide Tokyo” three years in a row and will now open in the Shibuya area. The popular new ramen noodle fromage, where noodles are coated with rich, thick cream cheese are a special dish prepared by chef Kazuo Sasazuka.


GRAND SESSION  (Bar and Music Lounge)

An all-day dining area with a stairwell connecting the 6th floor of Shibuya Grand Shokudo with the 7th floor, guests are invited to enjoy a variety of events centred on music and art. This area boasts cutting-edge advancement such as the ability to order featured dishes on their phones.


7F Shibuya Grand Shokudo

Kyoto Hyodo (Japanese Cuisine and Shabu Shabu)

“Kyoto Hyodo” which specialises in “soup shabu” , born in Kyoto and loved by the people of Kyoto, will open its first store in Tokyo. It boasts a stylish area decorated with silver leaf, white wood and glass, there are also counter seats where a view of the night is available along with table seats and private rooms suitable for a large range of events spanning from business events to dates.


Kashoen (Chinese Fire Pot/Dim Sum)

The organic medicinal hot pot is loved by many customers including entertainers and celebrities from various fields and is a retreat for adults in Hiroo, Tokyo. Authentic Chinese cuisine contains plenty of seasonal rice cakes and dim sum so high in taste and quality with each bite.


Yakitori Arakiyama (Yakitori and Japanese sake)

A luxurious space inspired by lodges for adult customers who value time. Here guests are invited to savor the taste of yakitori made with special ingredients, skewers, grilling and seasoning paired with wine and sake. Private rooms are also available.



This store specializes only in tea, it hails from Taiwan with a global focus on Asia. THE ALLEY runs on the saying “It’s time for tea” as customers are invited to experience the beauty of tea in all its forms.


Tokyu Shibuya Plaza

Address: 1-2-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 2F-2F, 17F, 18F (in Shibuya Scramble)

Access: 1 minute walk from JR Lines Shibuya Station South Gate West Exit

Opening hours: Goods stores 10 am-9pm
Restaurants 11 am-11pm
17F Rooftop terrace 11 am-11pm (LO 10:30 pm)