Enjoy a Staycation; 10 Luxury Hotels with special deals for Tokyo Residents

Soon the Autumn holiday season will be upon us. However the “Go To Travel” campaign is not applicable to residents of Tokyo and travelling has been made difficult due to COVID-19. But for those residents stuck in the city but dying for a holiday, we have good news. Introducing the limited luxury hotel deals exclusive to Tokyo residents. These deals will be available until the “Go To Travel” campaign is open to Tokyo residents as well. Enjoy a luxurious break at a high-class hotel at affordable prices!
*You will be required to show your ID with proof of your current address at check-in (Updated August 31st 2020)

SORANO HOTEL Accommodation charges 35%OFF(Tachikawa)

Sorano Hotel opened on June 8th 2020 inside the Green Springs building on the north side of Tachikawa Station. Easily accessible and just 30 minutes from the central city, it boasts spacious guest rooms, an infinity pool with rooftop bar as well as indoor spa pools with hot spring water and delicious food crafted from carefully selected ingredients. Experience a refreshing getaway for both mind and body, possible even on the weekdays or weekends due to its close proximity to the city.

“Go to Sorano Hotel” Tokyo Residents Only 35% OFF Plan

・Validity Period: From the 6th of September to the 26th of November 2020 (Tuesday, Thursdays, Sunday accommodation only. Excluded days available.)
・Applicable Plan: “Opening Commemorative Plan” includes accommodation and breakfast.
・Fee: Basic Room Type (52㎡) from ¥31,161 per room (Tax excluded) (Normally ¥47,940 – *1 room can accommodate up to 4 people)

SORANO HOTEL “Go to Sorano Hotel” Tokyo Residents 35%OFF Plan

MESM Tokyo Accommodation 50%OFF(Takeshiba)

“MESM Tokyo” opened in April 2020 in a location overlooking the Hamarikyu Gardens and the bay area, it is a 3 minute walk from Takeshiba Station. A unique and innovative hotel with a focus on distinctly Japanese qualities to stimulate all five senses of the guests. Japanese tradition blends with western with an open kitchen style bistronomic restaurant where diners are invited to fully enjoy the essence of Edo. Enjoy the free showcase held every day in the lobby with a variety of performances on offer.

“Be Strong, Tokyo!”

・Validity Period: August 1st 2020 until the cancellation of the Tokyo exclusion of the Go To Travel Campaign (*Implementation period may be changed)
・Applicable Room Types: Chapter 3 Suite. 7 rooms with a luxurious space of 95㎡.
・Bonus: 50% off regular price.

Tokyo Dome Hotel Amusement Park One-Day-Pass or Spa Admission Ticket(Suidobashi)

Tokyo Dome Hotel towers above “Tokyo Dome City”, the largest entertainment area in the city center and celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year. How about staying at a hotel that takes every precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19? Enjoy Tokyo Dome City, filled with fun activities including the natural hot spring Spa LaQua in the full knowledge you are safe and free to enjoy yourself.
Tokyo-Resident limited “Safe Stay Plan”
・Validity Period: August 1st to September 30th 2020 (Available even if only one person in the group is a Tokyo resident)
・Special Offer 1: Tokyo Dome City Attractions one-day-pass or Spa LaQua admission ticket.
・Special Offer 2: Dinner Plans to choose from – Choose between a dinner course of Italian food on the 43rd floor or other dinner buffets including western, Chinese food, Japanese food or sweets.
・Special Offer: Free parking with a special coupon for Tokyo Dome City.

Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo 50% off equivalent ticket plan (Waseda)

Spacious guest rooms can be found in this hotel in Waseda, an area rich in tradition and greenery, overlooking the Okuma garden, an area of 3000 square meters. This exclusive plan is for Tokyo residents looking to spend their time comfortably and safely in a hideaway hotel in Tokyo, surrounded by nature without having to travel too far.


Tokyo Resident Exclusive “Go to Rihga”

・Validity Period: August 1st to September 30th 2020.
・Fee: 2 people per room (Weekdays) ¥26,000 (¥13,000 ticket for use inside the hotel) Deluxe Floor (25~38㎡), ¥32,000 (¥16,000 ticket for use inside the hotel) Junior Suite(42~49㎡)
・Special Offer 1: 50% of the plan fee equivalent in-house ticket (Can be used at restaurants, pastry shops and room service)
・Special Offer 2: Late Checkout until 3pm. 24 hour stay.
・Special Offer 3: For the hotel’s official website reservations, parking is free.

Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo “Tokyo Resident Limited Plan” – Go To Rihga

Hotel New Otani Tokyo 35%OFF Night Pool Tickets (Kioi, Chiyoda)

This long-established hotel represents Tokyo and is located in Kioi, a 3 minute walk from Akasaka-Mitsuke station. Surrounded by the outer moat of Edo Castle, the vast Japanese garden of about 40,000 square meters is one of Tokyo’s most famous garden areas. Submerse yourself in the sounds of waterfalls, the murmurs of the stream and the seasonal blooming flowers as you forget you’re still in Tokyo.

Metropolitan Restoration Campaign “STAY TOKYO + EAT TOKYO”

【6 Nights Plan】 TOKYOCATION
・Validity Period: From August 1st 2020 until the cancellation of the Go To Travel exclusion for Tokyo (Only 10 rooms per day available)
・Fee: Garden Tower Deluxe Room (50,2㎡〜)6 nights per room for 1-3 people ¥149,400, Garden Tower Standard (27,3㎡) 6 nights per room for 1-2 people ¥99,600
・Special Offer: Meal Coupon (Valid for 30 restaurants and bars within the hotel. One room is worth ¥18,000)

【Enjoy the Night Pools twice in one night!】Midsummer 30 Hour Stay
・Validity Period: 22nd July to 4th September 2020 *Check-in every Monday-Friday (limited to 10 rooms per day)
・Fee: The Main Shin-Edo Deluxe (45㎡)from ¥65,400, The Main Deluxe (45㎡)from ¥60,500, The Main Standard (36㎡)from ¥49,500, The Main Quality Double (26㎡)from ¥39,600
・Special Offer 1: Night Pool Ticket
・Special Offer 2: Meal Coupon (Valid for 30 restaurants and bars in the hotel. One room is worth ¥3,000)

Hotel New Otani Tokyo 「STAY TOKYO + EAT TOKYO」 Plan

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo. Taxi Transfer/Room Service Deals (Edogawabashi)

In 1878, this area, covered with beautiful nature, was named “Chinzanso”. The forest-like garden is an oasis you wouldn’t think would be located in Tokyo. Unique Japanese hospitality, which is culturally in line with the four seasons and nature, is a world-standard service unique to global hotels. Spend an unforgettable time at one of Japan’s most sought-after hotels.

Tokyo to Tokyo 〜Tokyo Resident Plan〜
・Validity Period: 22nd July ~ End Date to be Confirmed

Oasis in the City
・Special Offer 1: Garden-view guest room
・Special Offer 2: Dinner Room Service
・Special Offer 3: Restaurant Breakfast with Western and Japanese meal options
・Special Offer 4: Free Parking for guest cars. Pick up or drop off taxi for any of the 23 wards in Tokyo

Over 83㎡ Luxury Suite
・Special Offer 1: Garden View Guest Room
・Special Offer 2: Dinner Room Service
・Special Offer 3: Breakfast Room Service (Restaurant Available)
・Special Offer 4: YU, THE SPA spa facility use, 90 minute aromatherapy
・Special Offer 5: Free Parking for guest cars. Pick up or drop off taxi for any of the 23 wards in Tokyo

Daytime Resort. One Day Trip
An 8 hour stay for the day that includes use of the pool and use of take-out products. Take a break at an urban resort.
・Use of guest rooms. Monday-Friday only 11am – 7pm *Extension is ¥3000 per hour.
・¥5000 per room plus take out products
・Use of spa facilities from 12pm to 3pm only (pool, hot spring, fitness gym)
・Free swimsuit rental

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo 「Tokyo to Tokyo, Tokyo Resident Limited offer」

Asakusa View Hotel. ¥8400 per night with dinner buffet. (Asakusa)

Close to Sensoji Temple and Kappabashi Street, this city hotel is a perfect base for sightseeing in Asakusa. You’ll be able to see the Tokyo Sky Tree from here.

Summer Break in Asakusa ~ Tokyo Resident Limited Plan ~

Introducing an accommodation plan you can enjoy in full safety on the 26th Floor sky grill “Musashi”. This plan is great for those wishing to take in a bit of sightseeing in Asakusa.

・Validity Period: 1st August to 31st October 2020 (Only 20 rooms available per day)
・Fee: One night with dinner ¥8,400 per person, Elementary School Students ¥6,500(3〜4 people)(Regular price of buffet is ¥6,200, leaving the accommodation price in this deal at only ¥2,200)
・Special Offer 1: 120 minute all-you-can-eat buffet at Sky Grill “Musashi”
・Special Offer 2:  Free Parking

Asakusa View Hotel 「Summer Break in Asakusa ~ Tokyo Resident Limited Plan ~」

4 Tokyu Hotel Groups in Shibuya. Up to 87% off 8 special offers. (Shibuya)


This is a special plan exclusive to Tokyo residents. Proposed by Tokyu Hotels in the Shibuya area, Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu, Shibuya Stream Excel Hotel Tokyu and Shibuya Tokyu REI Hotel. This plan includes 8 special offers including a 20% discount on selected restaurants and a large discount for room charges.

Shibuya, Your Oasis

・Validity Period: 1st August to 30th September 2020
・Fee – Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel: Group of 3 people from ¥17,343 per person (Normally from ¥52,029)
・Free – Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu: Group of 2 people from ¥11,400 per person (Normally from ¥22,800)
・Fee – Shibuya Stream Excel Hotel Tokyu: Group of 2 people from ¥11,300 per person (Normally from ¥22,600)
・Fee – Shibuya Tokyu REI Hotel: Group of 2 people from ¥5,500 per person (Normally from ¥11,000)
・Special Offer 1: Tokyu Group Gift Certificate (¥2,000〜¥3,000/depending on the hotel)
・Special Offer 2: Stay up to 24 hours from initial check-in time (Final check-out time is 6pm)
・Special Offer 3: CÉ LA VI RESTAURANT & SKY BAR 1 free champagne glass
・Special Offer 4: 20% off at a restaurant directly managed by the hotel *Advance reservation system/phone reservation only
・Special Offer 5: 1 free mask per person (per stay, masks will be given by the hotel per the number of guests only)
・Special Offer 6: One free sterilization gel (per stay, per room)
・Special Offer 7: 72 hour before check-in reservation for unreserved rooms
・Special Offer 8: Free Parking for 24 hours

Tokyu Hotels – Shibuya, Your Oasis

Prince Hotel Group ¥5,000 voucher for 10 hotels and 20% off voucher for restaurants

“Grant Prince Hotel New Takanawa” is for families who enjoy spending time at aquariums and pools, “Shinagawa Prince Hotel” includes a pool and a 24-hour stay reservation, “The Prince Park Tower Tokyo” has rooms facing Tokyo Tower. With dinner restaurant plans, this plan comes exclusive to Tokyo residents.

「Tokyo Resident Only Campaign -I LOVE TOKYO-」

・Validity Period: 22nd July 2020 until the cancellation of the Tokyo Exclusion to the Go To Travel Campaign.
・Valid Hotels: The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioi/The Prince Park Tower Tokyo/The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo/Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa/Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa/Tokyo Prince Hotel/Shinagawa Prince Hotel/Shinjuku Prince Hotel/Sunshine City Prince Hotel
・Special Offer 1: In-house facility voucher (per stay, per room, can be used during the day
・Special Offer 2: 20% off hotel managed restaurants, bars and lounges.

Prince Hotel 「Tokyo Resident Only Campaign – I LOVE TOKYO~」

Prostyle Ryokan. 50% off (Asakusa) 


This inn opened in December 2019 with the concept of a “Japanese inn that provides the full Shitamachi experience”. In order to provide a “home away from home” all rooms are laid out with a tatami mat to provide a Japanese experience you cannot find at a normal hotel. Some rooms offer an open-air bath or even a garden. The restaurant “Kotakino” offers shabu-shabu meals using secret beef tongue and a menu offering tasty ingredients and meals with roasting or grilling.

“Go To Asakusa” Campaign for Tokyo Residents

・Validity Period: 22nd July to 30th September 2020
・Plans: Overnight stays, breakfast, dinner, 5 consecutive nights telework etc.
・Bonus: 50% off accommodation fees

Prostyler Ryokan Tokyo「Go To Asakusa Campaign」