Fufu: Small Luxury Ryokans

Scheduled to open in October 2018, FUFU KAWAGUCHIKO JAPAN, a ryokan near Mount Fuji, is the latest addition to the Kato Pleasure Group’s “Fufu” luxury accommodations.

Ryokan are a kind of traditional Japanese inn dating back to about the eighth century during the Keiun Period. Ryokan were used by people traveling along Japan’s roads, drawing guests in with heart-warming hospitality, natural hot spring onsen and delicious meals.

Boasting 32 lavishly appointed rooms with stunning views of Mount Fuji, the stylish ryokan will be jointly run by Kato Pleasure Group and premiere real estate company Hulic Co. FUFU KAWAGUCHIKO JAPAN is the first of the company’s six new properties. Following the opening of Fufu Kawaguchiko, planned additions to the series include the 30-room Fufu Nara and Fufu Kyoto, and the six-room Atami Fufu “KO NO MA NO TSUKI,” in the spring of 2019. Additionally, the company plans to open the 22-room Fufu Nikko in the autumn of 2019 and Fufu Gora in the spring of 2020.

The two companies are looking to expand on the under-developed small luxury hotel market ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Building on the success of Kato Pleasure Group’s previous four other properties – Atami Fufu, Atami Kaihourou, Atami Sekaie and Hakone Suishoen – Kato Pleasure Group aims to continue their legacy of creating stylish, chic and luxurious accommodations for discerning guests.

These other properties offer a glimpse of what is to be expected from the latest offering near Mount Fuji.

Atami Fufu has a large outdoor bath, which is naturally fed by the area’s clear, mineral-rich hot spring waters, which are highly regarded for their restorative effects. Each room includes a private outdoor hot spring bath, and all rooms have a flat-screen HD TV, CD/DVD player, capsule espresso machine, complimentary mini-bar and high-speed internet access. Each room also features a large marble powder room, plush bedding a variety of amenities and traditional yukata sleepwear.

Atami Kaihourou’s suites feature large floor-to-ceiling windows, providing an extraordinary space to enjoy the ocean vista and surrounding landscape from the open-air Jacuzzi baths. A stay in the luxury suites allows guests to take their meals at the Water Balcony, in a private room or in their own rooms, allowing them to eat at their leisure.The Japanese-style room features tatami flooring and window seats where guests can relax and watch the ocean and the spectacular sunrise in comfort and tranquility. The Western rooms have modern, comfortable furnishings that offer phenomenal views of the bay and the view of the lit-up gardens is fantastic.

Atami Sekaie offers a perfect combination of luxury and comfort, along with unparalleled personal care and amenities. Billed as an executive training facility and cozy luxury resort, Atami Sekaie was produced in collaboration with Dr. Kenichi Ohmae, the world-famous business consultant. The property features luxurious rooms and suites where guests can unwind in hot spring baths while overlooking the calm waters of Sagami Bay. Sourced from the renowned Izu-san onsen, the water in the baths are said to have restorative properties in treating muscle, nerve and joint pain.

Hakone Suishoen boasts guest rooms with individual private hot spring baths, as well as a large open-air bath, which is naturally fed by the clear, healing waters of the area’s renowned hot springs. The area’s hot springs are known for their restorative powers in treating ailments such as nerve, muscle and joint pain, as well as stiffness and general fatigue.

Nestled on the shore of the picturesque Lake Kawaguchi, one of the famous Fuji Five Lakes, FUFU KAWAGUCHIKO JAPAN is just two hours by car from Tokyo. The area surrounding Lake Kawaguchi is well-known as one of the best places in Japan to enjoy natural onsen hot-spring baths. Striving to perfectly blend with nature, Kawaguchi Fufu aims for “seamless coexistence” with the surrounding nature. Kato Pleasure Group has integrated the property into the natural surroundings, maintaining the original terrain, trees and plants, allowing guests to fully take in the scenery and enjoy warm, cozy winters and cool breezy summers. In addition to the natural surroundings, each room at the property, as well as the restaurant, have views of beautiful Lake Kawaguchi and the iconic Mount Fuji.

The lake’s northern area is particularly well-known for the amazing cherry blossoms in the spring and the brilliant fireworks of autumn leaves that can be seen in mid-November. The “Momiji Tunnel,” a road on the lake’s northern shore that is covered with a canopy of maple trees is especially popular in the fall months. Lake Kawaguchi is the second-largest of Fuji’s Five Lakes, boasting the longest shoreline, and is the only one to have a bridge crossing it. In the middle of the lake, visitors can see Unoshima Island and when the waters are calm, Mount Fuji is beautifully reflected in Lake Kawaguchi’s waters

In keeping with the theme of the “Fufu” series, “Rest and Serenity,” On sunny days, all the guestrooms and restaurants have beautiful views of Mount Fuji. From the rooms, guests can enjoy looking at both Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi.

FUFU KAWAGUCHIKO JAPAN has two buildings, the lobby building and the accommodation building. In the lobby building, guests will find the reception area, restaurants and bar. In the accommodation building, there is a large public bath. They have a hot spring source on the property, allowing guests to enjoy a 100 percent natural hot spring.

The guest rooms are all suites, with living rooms, bedrooms and relaxing balconies. The luxury guest rooms offer different feelings in summer and winter. Guest can enjoy summers on the balcony pleasantly surrounded by the fragrance of the forest and winters warmed by fireplaces.

The restaurant, lushly decorated with plants, offers a majestic view of Mount Fuji and serves delicious grilled meat dishes, including Koshu beef, which is well-known for its tenderness and rich flavor. Guests can enjoy the succulent and perfectly prepared meat paired with select wines.

FUFU KAWAGUCHIKO JAPAN also offers luxurious spa treatments by the world-renowned Sisley. Guest can get exclusive spa treatments in their room for a peaceful sanctuary of supreme relaxation where burdens float away and the body can experience true peace and tranquility.

In addition to Mount Fuji, the area around Lake Kawaguchi boasts many popular attractions, from the Spring Shibazakura Festival at Lake Motasu that features stunning pink moss phlox flowers covering a huge area. Nearby, in the Aokigahara Forest there is also the Fugaku Wind cave, a lava tube formed during an eruption of Mount Nagaoyama near Mount Fuji. Additionally, there is the Narusawa Ice Cave, which has an average temperature of three degrees Celsius. Shogun and their retinue in the capital, known at the time as Edo, would use ice from the cave. The Lake Sai Bat Cave is the largest of the lava tube caves in the area and people can see the bats that inhabit the cave.

With FUFU KAWAGUCHIKO JAPAN, adding to the small luxury hotel market, Kato Pleasure Group and Hulic Co. look to showcase Japan’s wonderful “omotenashi” hospitality and harmony with nature through luxurious and chic accommodations.


2211-1 Mizukuchi, Kawaguchi Aza, Fuji-Kawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi


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Story by Kirsten M. Snipp