Luxury Ryokan: The Finest in Traditional Japanese Accommodation

Ryokan are traditional Japanese inns that originally catered to travelers during the Edo period. Typical ryokan usually feature tatami-mat rooms, communal baths and are similar to Bed and Breakfasts, with the owner usually available to chat with guests in the common areas. For people looking for the finest in Ryokan with a western touch, KPG Luxury Hotels offer a combination of the unique beauty and tradition of ryokan with the comfort, amenities, hospitality and comfort of a modern hotel. Artfully combining the best of both worlds, KPG’s luxury ryokan surround guests in the tranquility and pleasure of hot springs, gourmet cuisine and classic ambience alongside the opulence and comfort of fully furnished, lavishly equipped guestrooms and top-notch, first-class service.


A culinary and hot spring paradise in the shadow of Mount Fuji, Hakone-Suishoen is ready to pamper your body and spirit in the soothing comfort of relaxing hot springs. Located in a refined and elegant villa, which has been designated as a national cultural asset, this ryokan offers a variety of sensuous accommodations to cater to the most discerning guest. In addition to each guest room having its own private hot spring bath, there is a large open-air bath, which is naturally fed by the clear, healing waters of the area’s renowned hot springs. These hot springs are known for their restorative powers in treating ailments such as nerve, muscle and joint pain, as well as stiffness and general fatigue.

Their Negau Luxury Suite, set off a short distance from the other lodgings, affords guests a stay of unique, secluded splendor. With its modern furnishings and décor, together with polished wood walls and floors, it cocoons guests in sumptuous comfort as they enjoy the breathtaking views from the large window overlooking a picturesque forested hillside.

Hakone-Suishoen accommodations also include the Grand Suite Maisonettes. A King Double Suite and two Twin Suites, located near a burbling stream, have plush, modern furnishings where guests can relax, where they can also enjoy the ambience of a traditional Japanese tatami dining room and tea space.

The spacious Precious and Stylish Suites, are located around the grounds and are impressively large and spacious. Starting at 55 square meters, this group of suites offers lodgers a variety of décor, layouts and furnishings.  From tasteful wood paneling to plush wall-to-wall carpeting, from lavish furnishings to elegant tatami spaces, these accommodations are sure to please the most discriminating guest.

Ryokan in Japan are noted for their unique cuisine.  At (name), gourmands will be more than satisfied with the two excellent on-site restaurants.  Master chefs prepare succulent dishes using only the most carefully selected seasonal ingredients. With a traditional kaiseki course that changes monthly, guests can enjoy a multi-course meal where each dish is a masterpiece. Hakone-Suishoen also offers the excitement of teppanyaki, where diners can enjoy the sights and sounds as grilled delicacies are carefully prepared right before their eyes. For the very best in luxury accommodations, food and amenities set in a beautiful tranquil setting Hakone-Sushoen awaits to pamper you.

Atami Fufu

Located in the hills of Atami, this secluded gem of a resort is a short 45-minute train ride from Tokyo. Guests will be met at the station and transported in quiet luxury to the hotel. There, the in-room check-in service allows you relax immediately upon your arrival, free to enjoy the hot springs as well as the delicacies prepared by their master chef.  With the added flourish of your own attentive butler, you can recharge and refresh yourself.

Atami Fufu has a large outdoor bath, which is naturally fed by the area’s clear, mineral-rich hot spring waters, which are known for their restorative effects. Each of their guestrooms include, in addition to a private outdoor hot spring bath, Japanese tatami space, mist sauna and veranda hammock. Every room has a flat-screen HD TV, CD/DVD player, espresso machine, complimentary mini-bar, high-speed internet access.  Each room also features a large marble powder room, plush bedding and traditional yukata sleepwear.

Atami Fufu’s luxury suites exude a distinctive style and ambience, offering the hotel’s unique brand of personalized luxury and comfort to ensure the finest quality stay.

The hotel’s Comfort and Stylish suites place priority on comfort, with the relaxed furnishings and warm tones of these suites providing a comfortable environment in which to unwind. In these large suites, guests have the choice of traditional Japanese furnishings, accented by the simplicity of tatami or the luxury of western furniture and décor, providing something for all guests.

Like Hakone Suishoen, Atami Fufu also boasts a Spa by Sisley, where guests can enjoy an extensive selection of spa treatments in a sanctuary of peaceful relaxation. Your cares will vanish as the expert estheticians and therapists address your personal skin and muscle problems. Body, hand and foot massages will rejuvenate and reinvigorate as you slip into a tranquil bliss.

To treat your taste buds, the master chef prepares refined and simple teppanyaki dishes using select meats, choice local seafood and other delicacies served in the tranquil and sophisticated Yumeoto restaurant. With a selection of the finest sake and more than 200 vintages of fine wine, diners are sure to find the perfect libation to complement the meal. In the Taka bar, guests can enjoy a post-spa drink or an evening nightcap after dinner. The bar is decorated in subtle mahogany and black marble, where one can enjoy the extensive selection of wine and sake in a warm, open atmosphere. In the morning, guests can enjoy a traditional Japanese breakfast including fresh salmon, a green mame, or bean, tofu, rice and rice porridge steamed to perfection in traditional okudo-san kilns. For guests who prefer more western fare in the morning, there are one-of-a-kind soy milk omelets, seasonal fruit, fresh yogurt and delicious freshly baked bread. To release the stress of work in Tokyo, treat yourself to the luxurious accommodations of Atami Fufu.

Atami Kaihourou

Located on Sagami Bay, Atami Kaihourou offers superb rooms with spectacular views of the ocean and the surrounding mountains. The tastefully decorated accommodations are luxurious and opulent, pampering guests from the moment they enter their room.

The hotel offers a perfect platform to view the 11 fireworks displays that occur every year in Atami.

A hot spring is available by reservation and guests can also take advantage of the hot springs at the nearby Atami Fufu.

The Luxury Suites feature large floor-to-ceiling windows, which provide an extraordinary space to enjoy the ocean vista and surrounding landscape from your open-air Jacuzzi bath. The suites feature modern amenities and stylish, comfortable furnishings that are sure to make for a perfect stay. A stay in the luxury suites features in-room dining for both dinner and breakfast, allowing guests to enjoy their meals at their leisure.

The Japanese-style room offers tatami flooring and window seats where guests can relax and watch the ocean and the spectacular sunrise in comfort and tranquility.

The western rooms have modern, comfortable furnishings that offer phenomenal views of the bay and the view of the lit-up gardens is fantastic.

Atami Kaihourou’s restaurants serve up delicious dishes, using fresh, local seafood and fine seasonal ingredients. Traditional Japanese and western breakfasts are offered for meals and can be enjoyed in the privacy of certain rooms.

KPG Luxury Hotels believes it is the extra touches that make guests’ one-of-a-kind luxury stay memorable. Courtesy car pick-up and drop-off at nearby stations, lavishly equipped guestrooms, hot spring baths, full-service spas staffed by expert consultants, gourmet cuisine that features the finest local seasonal ingredients and 24-hour butler and concierge services, all delivered graciously to make for a unique and memorable experience.


519-9 Kowakidani, Hakone-machi
Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa

Atami Fufu
11-48 Minaguchi-cho, Atami-shi

Atami Kaihourou
8-33 Kasugacho, Atami,

By Kirsten M. Snipp