Perfect Repair for Dry Skin

A Night Pack that Repairs and Cares for your Dry Skin while you Sleep

MINON Amino Moist is a skincare brand developed by a Japanese pharmaceutical company, Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare. All products have hypoallergenic formulas that have been carefully tested by dermatologists and provide total care for those concerned of sensitive skin.


MINON Moist Puru Puru Repair Gel Pack

Do you suffer from dryness and tightness of the skin during the peak of the dry season? If you are sensitive to even the slightest stimulus, your skin’s barrier function may be easily compromised. In that case we recommend switching to a skincare regimen that supplements the necessary moisturizing ingredients to support your skin’s barrier function. MINON Moist Puru Puru Repair Gel Pack contains amino acid, a moisturizing ingredient essential for the skin to maintain its natural function of moisture and resist external stimulation. It also contains ceramide-like ingredients that stay in place to fill in the gaps in the skin where the barrier function has deteriorated. 

MINON AminoMoist Moist Gel Pack

MINON AminoMoist Moist Gel Pack is very easy to use: all you have to do is apply a thin layer at the end of your skincare routine before going to bed. It will blend with your skin easily without leaving a sticky residue on the skin, while creating a veil that keeps the moisture on your skin all night long. When you wash your face the next morning, you will be able to see the effect of your skin staying hydrated all night long!






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