Wi-Fi and Mobile Services with English Support in Japan

If you are living in Japan or are planning to visit soon and if you are not a fluent Japanese speaker, you might be unsure of how to sign up for ever-important mobile services. Even if you are proficient in Japanese, the vocabulary you find in contracts, application forms and such, is quite specific and the requirements are troublesome for foreigners (the need for a credit card or a long-term visa and other issues). Furthermore, we all now also need extra data to use for remote work and online meetings.

JSelect has found mobile service providers that make available for you a multilingual support and hassle-free application so you can get your data and be able to make calls as soon as you need. Get a full multilingual support and a smooth understanding of your bills. Check out the details below.

Sakura Mobile

Sakura Mobile is a service that provides SIM cards and Pocket WiFi, as well as fiber internet to international travelers and residents in Japan. Since their establishment in 2014, they have provided service to over 100,000 international people in Japan, making them one of the top choices in the industry. Sakura Mobile is renowned worldwide for its high-quality products, and even provided service to many countries’ committee members and news organizations visiting Japan for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Products and Plans

The products that Sakura Mobile offers can be split up into three categories: Prepaid SIM cards and Pocket WiFi for short-term stays: voice and & SIM cards for long-term residents; and fiber internet for long-term residents. The following is a breakdown of each product.

1) Prepaid SIM card/Pocket WiFi (for short-term stays):


Key features

  • Unlimited data plans are available
  • Stable, fast docomo 4G network
  • 99% of populated area is covered
  • Reliable, year-round English customer support
  • Pick up at any international airports in Japan
  • Order online, pick up as early as the next day
  • Delivery to the hotels across Japan is also available for free

Sakura Mobile’s SIM cards and WiFi are all on the docomo network, which is the largest mobile network in Japan. Therefore, Sakura Mobile is recommended for those who want to use the highest possible connection quality.

View Prepaid SIM/Wifi Plans here!

2) Voice & data SIM card (for long-term residents):

Key features

  •  4GB and 25GB Plans from ¥2,980/MO
  •  docomo’s fast 4G LTE network
  •  Full English support 7 days a week
  •  Online ordering and next day shipping
  •  Japanese phone number

Above is the monthly phone plan that is available to those staying in Japan long-term. You will also receive a 070, 080, or 090 phone number that you can use in the country. The large-data plan has a whopping 25GB per month, is on the fastest network in Japan (docomo), and comes with English customer support; Sakura Mobile is just about the only provider that offers all these perks. Sakura Mobile is definitely worth considering if you are planning on residing in Japan for a while.

View Voice & Data SIM Plans here!

3) Fiber internet (for long-term residents):

Key features

  • Unlimited data for ¥6,480/MO
  •  Max.1Gbps on the NTT FLET’s Hikari network
  •  No annual contract or penalty fee
  •  Full English support 7 days a week
  •  WiFi router rental for free

During the installation process for fiber-optic internet, you will need to make explanations to your landlord or talk with the installation team; this is where many people who cannot speak Japanese struggle. However, with Sakura Fiber Internet, bilingual staff will help you translate all the necessary information.

View Fiber Internet Plans here!


Make your stay in Japan more comfortable! Be more active!

NINJA WiFi for your Internet in Japan.

It is very inconvenient to not have an internet connection while traveling. Without reliable internet, you may not be able to look up your destination on a map, or you may not be able to contact your family or friends while traveling.

Currently, Japan is trying to develop a public wireless LAN, but as of now there are only a few free Wi-Fi spots in Japan. Therefore, the pocket Wi-Fi rental service NINJA WiFi is highly recommended as a means of internet access during your stay in Japan.

The pocket Wi-Fi can connect multiple devices — smartphones, tablets, notebook PCs — at once with unlimited use of high-speed 4G LTE.

Why choose NINJA WiFi?

■ A convenient and easy-to-use device you can carry everywhere with you!

By connecting to the local mobile phone network, you can enjoy the internet without running up expensive overseas packet communication fees.

Once you receive your device, simply turn on the Wi-Fi router, enter the password and start browsing!

■ Flat-rate, high-capacity system! 

NINJA Wi-Fi uses a daily flat-rate system, ensuring you will only be charged for the number of days you use the service.

In addition, you can enjoy stress-free internet access thanks to high-capacity data communication.

■ Only 10%  free WiFi in Japan.

Most Wi-Fi services offered free-of-charge in Japan are only available on the condition that an agreement is signed for mobile phones or other services. Wi-Fi services offered to visiting foreigners at no cost comprise only 10%.

It’s better to carry a Wi-Fi router that provides a stable connection anywhere.

You won’t have to find a Wi-Fi hotspot each time you need one, so your possibilities are that much greater!

■ Easy reservations, pick-up and return!

You can make an online reservation before traveling and receive it upon arrival in Japan.

There are pick-up counters at major airports across the country (Narita, Haneda, Kansai International Airport, etc.), so you can have internet access immediately after landing.

You can also pick it up at our office in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

■ Special 20% discount offer for J SELECT readers! 

Apply from the dedicated link below for a chance to use NINJA WiFi even cheaper! 

Take advantage of the discount and get reliable Wi-Fi for traveling in Japan.



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