Modern Management Adaptations for Today’s Workplace

While we often hear wages are the largest expense for a firm, what we dont hear enough about is how investing in employee success can save money. In our increasingly globalized world it can be difficult to effect the kind of change you want to see in your organization. Moreover, with the increasingly multicultural teams we find even here in Japan, it can be difficult to lead a multicultural team successfully and cohesively. In a poll by Gallup, as much as “67% of employees say they are sometimes or often or always burnout out by work”. This means it’s quite likely some of your employees fall into this category, and you could be losing out on productivity.  Especially in times like these where employees look to management for answers, you want the security and peace of mind to know you’re taking your employees in the right direction. In situations like these, its time to embrace new solutions. 

Google conducted an extensive management study that helped identify the secret formula to being an effective manager. After analysis of expansive data, Google concluded that the top one important trait of an effective manager is that he/she “is a good coach”. Why is it important for managers to be a good coach? Coaching is a viable support for evolving and expanding human potential, and it empowers individuals to attain their greatest potential from their own desire and volition. Research by McKinsey says, “when employees find greater intrinsic motivation, they are 32% more committed to their work and 46% more satisfied with their jobs”. When managers are transformed into great coaches, there is significant impact in the workplace.

Take a look to the right to see a list of the most valuable benefits as reported by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) from an introduction of coaching to an organization. Participants reported back on how they had felt they improved after receiving professional coaching. More than 50% of participants who have been successfully coached reported improvements to their business management, time management, and team effectiveness. Moreover of those same participants, an incredible 70 percent reported improvements in their work performance, and a whopping 62% saw an improvement in their workplace opportunities from coaching. And not only does coaching show improvements in the workplace, but in your personal life as well. Simply take a look at the second graph below which highlights improvements to personal life such as increased self confidence, better work life balance and improvements to wellness. Circling back to the beginning, if your employees are part of the 67% experiencing burnout, coaching may be just the change you need.

More than simply seeing a change in personal results, we see a change in the numbers as well. One participant, after six months of incorporating coaching techniques, reported a 60% decrease in overtime, saving the company money and freeing employees up to live more vivid and fulfilling lives. One Hong Kong CEO said that after one year of implementing coaching skills they had increased their profits 2.5 times and decreased their turnover rate from 12% to just 2.5%. Not only did they increase their revenue and grow their business, but staff turnover was reduced, thus the overall quality of the workplace environment likely increased as well. According to the ICF Global Coaching Client Study, ROI for companies investing in coaching was 7 times the initial investment with over a quart of companies reporting an ROI of 10 to 49 times.

Today wed like to introduce one company which is breaking barriers by providing the coaching skills and knowledge leaders need to get the most out of their teams. Since 1992, Coach U has been a leading global provider of coach training programs and coaching culture change for organizations. At Coach U, you will learn to coach, integrate coaching skills into your current life or leadership, and develop a strong personal foundation for success. Additionally, Coach U offers support in building a coaching business and bringing coaching to your organization to effect real change. 

Coach U’s programs offer top-of-the-line training and consulting in a collaborative process that ignites a leaders ability to inspire a resilient, thriving and agile workplace. With virtual lessons available from professionally certified coaches around the world, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, U.K., Israel and more, youll learn the skills you need to lead in todays global society. Furthermore their personal and hands on, results driven teaching style helps you integrate coaching strategies right away. You can see the effectiveness of your own skills as a coach improving, as well as the effect on your employees in real time. All of Coach Us faculty are professionally trained and experienced coaches, certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). These professional coaches will assist you in tweaking your style and building your skills so that you can make changes that matter in your workplace; changes that matter to your colleagues and to your profit margins.

All programs are offered virtually, so leaders and aspiring coaches from all around the world can join and learn in a diverse environment. Whats more, online courses also give you the freedom to learn from anywhere, saving you the time of traveling to a physical school and allowing you to continue your lessons even when away on a business trip. And as coaching is moving into being imperative for competency in education, families, leadership, sales, career work and more. We are seeing more and more that leaders and individuals who are trained in coaching skills have a competitive advantage in their careers.

If you are interested in hearing more about this program or others, Coach U has several flexible start dates for their courses throughout the year which can be easily integrated into your life. Take a look below to find a Coach U program that works with your schedule:

Core Essentials Fast Track Program(CEFTP)

– A six-day immersive Leader as Coach program with group workshops

– A total of 77 hours of online learning approved at ACSTH with the ICF

This six-day workshop is a great way to level up your workplace and lifestyle management abilities, while maintaining your busy lifestyle. Learn essential coaching skills in as little as six days, with additional online learning to follow up on the implementation of your skills and get feedback from registered coaches. With this style youll begin to feel the effects on your workplace right away and see noticeable improvement in your owns skills as well as your employees productivity. 

2021 CEFTP Schedule:

– October Weekday Program: Monday, Oct 11 ~ Saturday, Oct 16

If the schedule does not fit your availability, Coach U also offers online, self-paced learningthat can be spread out over a span of 15 months. Please inquire to learn more.

Coaching Clinic Licensing Program(CCLP)

– A train-the-trainer program for those who wish to become licensed facilitators to be able to offer the 2-day Coaching Clinic

– Four-day program, 31-hours of continuing coach education units with the ICF

This intensive four-day program aims to give you the facilitation skills and processes you need to deliver internal or public coach-training workshops, that can be customized to fit the goals of your organization or client.

2021 CCLP Schedule:

– November Program: Monday, Nov 1 ~ Thursday, Nov 4

In addition to the public courses offered above for individuals, Coach U also does further customized sessions for corporations looking to train eight or more individuals. With their Internal Course, your entire management team can begin utilizing coaching skills and techniques. Courses are even further personalized to target your company specific industry further ensuring client success.


For more information and to sign up today, reach out to Angie Tong, Coach U’s Client Engagement Specialist: 

Mobile Number: +81(0)90-2520-5118


You may also schedule a free conversation here.

Company Website: Coach U APAC