Big and Tall Size Clothes and Shoes in Japan

One of the most common problems for foreign people living in Japan is finding clothes and shoes that fit. Since March 2020, due to restrictions on travel because of the coronavirus pandemic, many foreign people are unable to return to their home countries, which means they have to get everything they need right here in Japan. To buy clothes and shoes may be a particular challenge for many, so at JAPAN SELECT we have prepared a special feature on foreigner-friendly fashion including tailor-made clothing and shoes so people can find their perfect fit.


BROSENT is a store specializing in leather shoes located in Meguro, Tokyo. They offer a variety of services related to leather shoes, such as leather shoe ordering, leather shoe dyeing, leather shoe repair and leather shoe maintenance.

Order-made leather shoes

Their leather shoes are made in Japan using the finest materials from overseas and produced by veteran Japanese craftspeople, who are highly esteemed in Japan and abroad.

They have a wide range of sizes from U.S. size 5 to 11 (22.0cm to 29.0cm),  and they can make shoes that will fit your feet perfectly by adjusting both the length and the width of the shoe. They offer a wide range of shoes from business to casual shoes, so they can cater to any personal preference.

In addition, all shoes, except black and suede, are hand-dyed by veteran craftspeople using the “Free Color System,” and can be made in any color the customer desires.

They have sold more than 1,000 pairs of shoes since the store opening, and they have a large number of customers, including executives and celebrities.

Average price range: ¥70,000 to ¥90,000
Delivery time: Around 40 days

Their professional staff will take care of your order. Please make an appointment in advance by phone or email.

Dyeing of leather shoes

They are able to hand-dye leather shoes, which is a rare feature for a leather shoe store.

If you are tired of your shoes, if they are dirty, or you want to wear them again because you have changed your job, you can use their service to refresh their look.

This is one of BROSENT‘s most popular services, and they receive requests from all over Japan.

Average price range: ¥13,000 to ¥20,000
Delivery time: 2 to 3 months

Repair and maintenance

They can repair and maintain your shoes no matter where you bought them. If you have a pair of shoes and don’t know where to get them repaired, they can take care of it. BROSENT is managed by veteran staff with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Please feel free to visit their shop after making an appointment in advance by phone or e-mail. They promise their shoes will fit your feet perfectly.


B1F Matsuda Building, 3-12-3 Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
For more information contact 03-6886-1660 or



TAGARU Order Suit & Shirt

At TAGARU they believe that an ordinary suit is boring. Therefore their concept is to create a sense of lively motion that comes from within when wearing their suit. Recently, ordering a suit is getting popular in Japan. At their stores they offer their tailor-made suits that can be ordered with only a few simple steps.

TAGARU has stores in Daikanyama (Shibuya), Ebisu and Omotesando (Kita-Aoyama), where they provide reliable domestic sewing techniques and speedy finishing at reasonable prices. Their distinct style is to generously take time for their clients, and to take orders in a more friendly, polite and easy-to-understand manner than any other store.

TAGARU has tie-ups with more than 10 factories in Japan. They can custom-make a wide range of categories, such as formal and casual items and accessories for both men and women, in addition to business suits and shirts. You can choose from a wide range of designs and options, fabric samples, and accessories. With over 20,000 fabric choices, 1,000 linings and 300 types of buttons, their store boasts the largest selection in Tokyo.

The owner, Ken Yamamoto, is both a tailor and a designer. Because of that, TAGARU has been cooperating in the production of costumes for theatrical productions, movies, TV shows and commercials, as well as making uniforms for corporate clients (watch stores and hotels, among others). Their store may be small, but they have a great track record.

They welcome a wide range of customers, from first timers to those with ordering experience, so if interested, do not hesitate to contact them. You can let your interests and ideas take shape with them.

Steps to order a suit:

Step 1: Consultation
First, they will ask about your occasion, budget and other needs.

Step 2: Fabric, options and material selection
They will suggest carefully selected fabrics from their fabric sample book. You can select your favorite fabrics and materials from them.

Step 3: Design
They will decide the base design. It will be easier and smoother if you bring a photo of the suit you want to make or a suit that you like.

Step 4: Measurement and fitting
They will quickly take your measurements and check your body features. After that you will try on a suit and shirt to match your image.

Step 5: Handover
They will inform you when the product is finished. After you try on the finished goods, they will deliver them to you. If it is difficult for you to come to the store, they can send you the items. If you are in a hurry for delivery, please let them know in advance.

Their staff can speak a little English, but they have a translator (Pocket Talk) available.
Please do not hesitate to contact them by email or phone with your inquiries.


TAGARU Order Suit & Shirt

Daikanyama shop: 1F Sarugaku-e Bldg., 26-2Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL : 03-5428-6020 E-mail:

Ebisu shop: 2F Fukutaka Bldg., 1-4-11 Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6427-8655 E-mail:

Omotesando shop: 2F21 Portofino Bldg. B, 3-15-5 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6450-6400

Ginza Tailor CLOTHO


CLOTHO is a new brand of order-made suits from the Ginza Tailor Group, a company that enjoys a history of more than 80 years. Under their concept of “Bespoke Your Life,” they offer order-made suits fully sewn in Japan, combining the advanced tailoring skills of craftsmen honed through their intimate knowledge and extensive experience in machine techniques. 

At their Ginza salon, they receive many foreign customers who are either short-term visitors or long-term residents in Japan. In addition to the comfort and design of their clothes, they are able to create the best order-made suits for business, weddings, casual wear, or any other occasions. Even after returning to their home countries, their most satisfied customers can simply choose another fabric by email and order a new suit in the same size, which can be shipped to them.

The design of their suits is completely original, allowing for a high degree of freedom in size adjustment. Ginza Tailor has been providing handmade, custom suits at their Ginza atelier for decades. WIth time they have developed an original pattern based on tens of thousands of stencils in pursuit of a design that enhances the best features of each body shape. They have a lot of experience in adjusting their clothes to foreign customers and are able to make much better fitting clothing for them then the regular suits made for Japanese people.

The design of the interlining and the choice of materials are very important for creating high-quality, order-made suits. They use high-quality natural cloth materials to ensure a comfortable fit, which makes the order-made suit more comfortable to wear and less likely to lose its shape. There are only a few other stores that use uniquely designed cloth for making their clothes. They also offer original linings made of cupro, a high-grade recycled fiber, instead of synthetic fibers. Such attention to detail raises the quality of their order-made suits to the next level.

Besides the choice of materials, buttons in particular have a great impact on the impression of a suit, which is why at Ginza Tailor CLOTHO are particularly careful of the buttons they offer. Customers can choose from a wide selection of high-quality buttons made from natural materials.

In addition to custom-made suits, their customers can also order jackets, trousers, shirts and coats. They hope that their customers will enjoy their authentic order-made suits that inherit the essence of Ginza Tailor’s custom suits. After the suit is finished, their customers can make one minor size adjustment free of charge. They also have English-speaking staff, so if you are thinking of ordering a suit, they welcome you to make an appointment by phone, e-mail or through their website.

Example of an order from a foreign customer:
(1) A customer is a lawyer traveling to Japan from abroad. He has experience ordering suits in his home country and wants to try ordering a suit from a long-established shop in Ginza, the fashion heart of Tokyo. They made him two suits in blue and gray color. Since then, he has come to our store every time he comes to Japan to place an order.

(2) A customer who lives in Japan and works at an embassy. He was looking for a store that could fulfill his wishes in terms of design. They made him a black suit for business. In the end he was so satisfied with the smart design that he ordered a shirt as well.

They have an atelier in the same building as our store, where several skilled craftsmen make their suits by hand. Therefore, they also accept remodeling and maintenance orders for your suits and other clothing items, even if it is a product of another brand.

Order suit: from ¥77,000
Order jacket: from ¥44,000
Order trousers: from ¥22,000
Order shirts: form ¥11,000 

Delivery time
About 4 weeks, or 3 weeks for urgent orders (if it is urgent, please consult with them first) Overseas delivery is available for an extra charge.

Ginza Tailor CLOTHO

4F Ginza Tailor Building, Ginza 5-5-16, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
For more information contact 03-6264-5592 or