Japan’s Best-selling Medicated Body Soap

Care for the Skin’s Moisture Just by Washing it

MINON is a body care brand developed especially for sensitive skin. Its history reaches back to 1973 when Japanese pharmaceutical company, Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare decided to develop cosmetics that would help eliminate skin problems caused by cosmetic allergies. The brand is today loved by everyone from babies to the elderly, and can be found all across Japan, including various drugstores. 

The origin of the name “MINON” means “three NONs”. In Japanese, the number three is pronounced “mi”, and the three NONs are: minimizing allergy-causing substances, low acidity level, and low hypo allergenicity. The company is constantly revising and improving MINON products with these three goals in mind.


MINON Whole Body Shampoo Moist Type

MINON Whole Body Shampoo Moist Type contains plant-based amino acid cleaning ingredients that are gentle to the skin, but have enough cleansing power to remove all impurities. It doesn’t take away much of the skin’s natural moisture, so the skin stays moisturized after washing even without applying extra body cream. In Japan, our skins are exposed to a lot of external stimuli from sweat, UV rays, and sunscreen use during the hot and humid summer, but after the summer is over, we suddenly enter a dry season. Our arms, legs, and backs may become flaky, and many may be suffering from skin irritation in this season. Therefore, this autumn MINON Whole Body Shampoo Moist Type, the best-selling medicated body soap in Japanese drugstores, may be just the perfect product for your skin.

MINON Whole Body Shampoo Foam Type

MINON Whole Body Shampoo Foam Type is another popular product for spending an autumn in Japan. Rubbing your skin with a sponge or a towel can cause dryness of the skin, but if skin becomes irritable to the point of itching, it’s better to avoid rubbing it as much as possible. With the foam type body shampoo, you don’t need to scrub, but rather just spread the foam as you stroke your skin to remove dirt. This product is also recommended for small children that had recently stopped using baby shampoo, whose skin is still too sensitive to use adult products.


All MINON products are refillable and environmentally friendly.