“Hybrid Relaxation Sei-Tai” opens in Shirokane-Takanawa!

“Hybrid Relaxation Sei-Tai” has opened near Shirokane-Takanawa station and Sengakuji Station. Kazuaki Maeda, a Judo rehabilitation therapist, has practiced at relaxation salons, osteopathic clinics and orthopedic clinics nationwide. After acquiring national qualifications, he went on to train in traditional massage clinics in Thailand and Tahiti (French Polynesia) and opened this clinic in September 2020. The treatment that Mr. Maeda aims for is “improvement from comfort”.

Judo Therapist: Kazuaki Maeda

The name “Hybrid Relaxation Sei-Tai” is based on the idea that we should not forget our original intention of constant improvement. Manipulative treatment was born in the Taisho era to prepare the spine and improve the physical condition of the entire body, mainly using techniques such as acupressure and massage. “If you want dramatic change in one treatment, you may not like it. Please try the treatment first.” Take the time to garner “self-healing power” little by little.

This particular treatment that promotes recovery is an original, one-of-a-kind style that mixes various techniques. “I always try to learn new techniques. It’s not exactly the same treatment every time,” says Maeda. As Mr. Maeda is the only practitioner, he is able to deal with all patients on a one-on-one basis and prescribe the treatment that best suits them.

In addition, Hybrid Relaxation Sei-Tai” is very particular about safety and security. Ventilation is constantly maintained during business hours, and there is a 15 minute interval between treatments so as not to overlap with other patients. Naturally, the bed is cleaned for each session, all towels are changed and washed thoroughly. There is a change of clothes provided for those who wish it, these clothes are never reused.

“Hybrid Relaxation Sei-Tai” is attached to the Shirokane-Takanawa Sengakuji-mae Osteopathic Institute. Medical treatment is also available when receiving a medical examination for injuries such as a bruise or a sprain. As a community-based osteopathic clinic and relaxation salon where you can get into shape on a regular basis, this clinic meets various needs. A trial campaign will run until the 31st of December 2020 to commemorate the opening. Customers can receive the “skeletal correction session” and “plantar reflexology session” for the first-time price. Please take this opportunity to give it a try.

Price List

【Normal Course & Time】 35 minutes 65 minutes 95 minutes
◎Skeletal Correction & Rehabilitation Massage ¥4400 ¥6600 ¥8800
◎Plantar Reflexology & Rehabilitation Massage ¥3300 ¥4950 ¥6600
◎Rehabilitation Massage ¥2250 ¥3750 ¥5250

※Other than the 35 minute Plantar Reflexology session, low-frequency electrical stimulation is included

【First-time course & Time】 Up to 50 minutes in one session (including low-frequency electrical stimulation)
*For those who wish to change clothes, the time it takes to change your clothes is deducted from the session time.
◎Skeletal Correction ¥4400
◎Rehabilitation Massage ¥3300
 Opening Campaign Prices

◎Skeletal Correction
65 mins ¥6600 ➡ ¥6000
95 mins ¥8800 ➡ ¥8000

◎Plantar Reflexology Massage
35 mins ¥3300 ➡ ¥3000
65 mins ¥4950 ➡ ¥4500
95 mins ¥6600 ➡ ¥6000

Course Steps

Please head to reception and enter your name.

Treatment Room (15 minute intervals) Private room salon

Hand Sanitizers and Body Temperature Check
As part of COVID-19 prevention measures.

Customer Information Forms
Also a preventative measure for COVID-19 procedures, please fill in your information at the counter.

Consultation and Examination
This is an initial consultation and physical examination to determine the best method of approach.

Muscle Stretches
A light loosening of the muscles in the body before correction.

Skeletal Correction, Partial Stretching, Electrical Stimulation
Skeletal correction procedure is followed with light stretching and electrical stimulation.

Skeletal Correction


Cream applied during plantar reflexology Course

Post-Treatment Consultation and Advice
After treatment, we will provide you with information on your physical condition and advice for future improvement.

Checkout and payment can be done from the treatment bed

Hybrid Relaxation Sei-Tai
Tel : 03-6456-2019 (Automatic Machine Reception)
1-5-24 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
● Tokyo Metro 『Shitokane-Takanawa Station』8 minute walk
● Toei Asakusa Line 『Sengakuji Station』5 minute walk
● Toei Bus 『Takanawa 1-chome bus stop』1 minute walk
● Chii Bus 『Takanawa 1-chome bus stop』, right outside the clinic

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