TRANSINO: Skin Care Products

Transino is a skincare brand developed by a Japanese pharmaceutical company Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare. It is one of the most popular skincare brands in Japan, famous for its high efficiency in suppressing melanin production and preventing freckles among other blemishes. Beauty professionals agree that its high moisturizing power and comfortable feel makes this brand one of the best in its league. Transino has many products to choose from, but this time we would like to introduce some products that will help you get through the hot and humid Japanese summer.

Whitening Jelly Lotion

Transino Medicated Whitening Jelly Lotion is available only during the summer and it may become an essential item for your skin this season. Apply a small amount of the plump jelly to your cleansed skin and it will turn into a liquid lotion on your skin. You can even keep it in the refrigerator for the extra cooling effect. The jelly is highly effective not only in suppressing melanin production but also tightening of your pores. The jelly has a cool, refreshing effect and will leave your skin feeling hydrated through the day.

Whitening CC Cream

In the hot and humid Japanese summer we want to avoid applying heavy makeup, while we still want to correct our skin tone. Transino Medicated Whitening CC Cream is the perfect product as it provides a light foundation, it has a high UV factor and is also waterproof. After applying your morning lotion, just apply a thin layer of this CC Cream to the skin and you are ready to go. The light beige coloring blends well with any skin tone which was confirmed by our international team. We would highly recommend this product as it is easy to use and provides your skin with all the protection it needs. 

Whitening Repair Cream EX

You may feel you don’t need to apply moisturizing cream in already humid Japanese summer, but you should do just that as exposure to UV rays dries the skin and makes it age faster. Transino Medicated Whitening Repair Cream Ex has a smooth, comfortable texture and is best to use at the end of the day after toning and conditioning your skin. It will take care of the skin damage caused by UV rays, and has the effect of a beauty pack while you sleep. The next morning you will be able to notice a visible improvement on your skin.

Transino products can be purchased in the cosmetics section of drugstores or through e-commerce sites such as