MINON Amino Moist: Sheet Masks

Minon Amino Moist is a skincare brand developed by Japanese pharmaceutical company Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare. All products are made with proven hypoallergenic formulas and are developed especially for sensitive skin. Minon Amino Moist series include skin toner and milky lotion, but their sheet masks are their most popular product. Among them, the Moist Essential Mask (red colored side) is one of the best-selling sheet masks in Japan and now it is a popular product sold outside of Japan as well. Our international team has tried their masks to find out why they are so popular.

Plenty of beauty essence ingredients

Minon Amino Moist sheet masks contain a lot of serum and can provide your skin with beauty ingredients intensively in just 10 minutes. The item with the largest amount of serum contains 24ml, which is normally too much to apply as a cream, but by applying it to your face through the sheet mask, a large amount of the serum ingredients can be applied. We were impressed with the change in the skin after removing the mask.

Mask sheets fit well

You do not have to worry about Minon Amino Moist masks not fitting your face well. Since it is a brand developed for people with sensitive skin, the material of the sheet is soft and it is easy to adjust to any face type. Also, the material is highly absorbent, which prevents the excess of serum from dripping down. All masks are comfortable and easy to use.

Choose the right mask for your skin type

The most popular product is the Moist Essential Mask (red colored side), which contains a gel serum with a high moisturizing effect. Moist Whitening Milk Mask (blue colored side) contains a milk-like serum that repairs skin after exposure to UV rays. Those who are concerned about oily skin and acne can choose the green one for combination skin, while those who want to improve skin elasticity can choose the purple aging‐care type.

How to Use:

  1. After using toner, apply the mask to your face.
  2. Approximately 10-15 minutes later, peel off the mask and spread the remaining serum over your face.

 Apply the serum from the bag over the mask for best results.
◾ 10 minutes of usage is sufficient. If you leave it on for more than 15 minutes, it may dry out your skin.
You can use the sheet after you finish using it on your face to wipe your neck, décolleté, arms or legs, and apply the serum to your entire body.

MINON AminoMost products can be purchased in the cosmetics section of drugstores or through e-commerce sites such as Amazon.com.